Our opinion on Zoho Projects, software for managing complex projects

For those looking for a flexible and affordable project management software, Zoho Projects is the ideal solution. It has all the features expected from a project management solution while benefiting from the advantages of the Zoho ecosystem. Indeed, the real plus of Zoho Projects is the very large marketplace of integrations.

Zoho Projects is still a bit limited in its time tracking and resource management features. We tell you more in this article!

Our opinion on Zoho Projects

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Overall score


A very complete project management software, with a very interesting price-quality ratio, especially because it gives access to the whole Zoho ecosystem.
Ease of use


Zoho Projects is quite intuitive but its many functions require a phase of appropriation of the tool.
Easy to set up


Some people complain that the onboarding of Zoho Projects is sometimes a bit complex due to the richness of its functionality.
Customer service


If the support is available in French, it is sometimes considered incomplete and not reactive enough.
Functional depth


Very complete software but some functions like time-tracking could be more developed.


This is the strong point of Zoho projects: as an integral part of the Zoho suite, it benefits from a large marketplace of integrations.
Value for money


Very complete software with affordable prices, Zoho Projects offers an excellent quality-price ratio.
  • Value for money: not only is Zoho Projects one of the free project management software, but even its plans offer a pretty unbeatable value for money for the features offered, with a really low price (and even more so in annuals).
  • Zoho Ecosystem: this is the real asset - Zoho Projects is included in the whole Zoho ecosystem (we see it in the integrations in particular: CRM, Invoice, People, Docs, Mail...) - for people who want to centralize and simplify with the use of a single tool or almost it is ideal!
  • Lack of functional depth: this is the counterpart of good value for money - it does not go as far as other project management software on many points (time tracking and resource management in particular) - so it is not suitable for structures with large needs (and complex projects).

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Zoho Projects: Feature Overview

First of all, it is important to specify that Zoho Projects has the great advantage of being available in French, unlike some project management software.

Task management and planning

When you log in, you'll be taken to your custom dashboard that shows you a snapshot of your projects, task statuses, or budgets of interest. For example, you can add a "Task Status" widget that displays both a pie chart and a raw number of open and closed tasks. 

You can then create your projects on Zoho Projects: unlike other software, no pre-existing template here, you can customize everything. Zoho Projects goes very far in detailing tasks: in addition to start and end dates, you can indicate how many hours per day a person should spend on it.

For paid plans, tasks also have built-in timers, and you can indicate whether the time spent is billable or not. If several people are working on the same task, they can enter a completion percentage.task zoho

Zoho Projects allows you to define task dependencies, which are easier to create from a Gantt chart: you can also link them with a line to avoid conflicts between tasks.

zoho manage-dependencies

As is often the case with scheduling software, Zoho Projects offers several different forms of task management, from standard task lists to Kanban boards, not to mention Gantt charts.

zoho gantt

Each task has priority settings as well as dependencies to help you decide which tasks you should complete first.

A key feature of Zoho Projects is a resource management report (for Premium and Enterprise only) that allows you to see the workload of your team members as a timeline.

Contrary to a classic project management software table, different colored bars allow you to see when a person is not assigned to a task or on the contrary is assigned to too many tasks.

In the Time Tracking section, you can define your working hours and enter your days off.

Communication and collaboration

Zoho Projects offers many communication and collaboration tools, which you can choose to keep or not during the initial setup, if for example your team is already using another messaging application and you don't want confusion.

In the opposite case, Zoho Projects offers an instant messaging tool that allows you to communicate directly about ongoing projects. For asynchronous communication, you have forums but also status updates to inform your colleagues of what you are working on.

There is an "activity flow" function that allows you to see all the activities of a project in reverse chronological order. In terms of collaboration, the team dashboards allow you to see directly where everyone is in the progress of their tasks.

The integration with Zoho Meeting is also very convenient to avoid using third-party applications. In the little extras of Zoho, there is also the fact that the notifications are interactive: you can comment directly on the tasks from the notification box.

Sharing documents is super simple, whether from the comment sections of tasks or from the centralized storage area in the left menu.

Time Tracking

time tracking zoho

Like any time-tracking software, Zoho Projects offers a built-in timer for each task (with time limits in case you forget to turn it off). You can record this time as billable or not.

To track your productivity, you have access to dedicated reports. Administrators can manage employee permissions, including the recording of hours already worked and the maximum number of hours recorded.

On this time-tracking function, Zoho Projects does not go as far as other software, although it offers the essential tools.

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Customer reviews of Zoho Projects


Overall, customers find Zoho Projects to be an extremely comprehensive software for project management, especially in the areas of collaboration and communication. Zoho Projects also gets a lot of positive feedback on the many integrations made possible by the Zoho suite. On the downside, these various integrations sometimes make the onboarding of Zoho Projects more complex and not always intuitive to use, which is deplored by its users.

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Customer Support at Zoho Projects

The customer support at Zoho Projects is not revolutionary but it is very complete and above all, it is available in more than 20 languages, including French, which is quite rare.

It offers many resources, both for Zoho Projects users and for developers. Among these resources are:

  • Written resources for onboarding, FAQs to solve the most common problems
  • A forum and a fairly active community of Zoho Projects users
  • Video tutorials and case studies to learn how to use Zoho Projects
  • YouTube videos and webinars with Zoho Projects experts
  • A productivity compass: a tool that guides you to improve productivity, from project management and collaboration to workplace culture and organizational behavior.

zoho projects support

If you can't find what you're looking for, there is still an email address to contact on the site. For developers, Zoho Projects provides an API guide to understand and integrate the Zoho Projects service with third party applications as well as a guide to create your own extensions.

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Zoho projects offers a 10-day trial to get an idea of the tool's capabilities!

The Zoho Projects integration marketplace

One of the strengths of Zoho Projects is that it is part of the Zoho suite, hence the large marketplace ofIntegrations.

  • Zoho apps: access to the entire Zoho ecosystem, from the Zoho Meetings video conferencing tool to Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice
  • Document management: Zoho Projects also works with the Google suite including document management applications such as Google Drive, but also Dropbox, Onedrive, Box, etc.
  • Messaging: for communication, Zoho Projects integrates with all your messaging applications, whether Slack, Gmail, Teams.

zoho projects integrations

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Zoho Projects: Pricing

In terms of pricing, Zoho Projects offers 3 plans, all three of which are quite affordable given the functional depth offered:

  • Free plan up to 3 users and 2 projects, with limited storage space, this plan is more for personal use or to discover the tool. This is still a very good free project management tool, but if you need more users, we recommend Asana instead.
  • Premium Plan: 5€/user/month. Available for 50 users and 20 projects, it allows access to Gantt charts, recurring tasks, more advanced integrations (like Zoho Accounting). It's the ideal plan for small and medium businesses.
  • Enterprise Plan: 10€/user/month. With no user or project limits, this plan gives you access to custom features such as task dependencies or a company-specific domain.

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The main alternatives to Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects has many advantages in some respects, but if you are unsure, there are many alternatives:

  • Project management behemoths and therefore more versatile software (especially in terms of time tracking, resource management, etc.): Monday, Wrike, Click-up, Asana
  • Project management software with a high level of collaboration and communication: collaborative platforms such as Trello or Notion
  • Project management specialized in a sector or a type of project: Teamwork for agencies and service companies, Jira for agile project management, Airtable for Excel fans, Basecamp for full-remote organizations

Going further

We even offer you other alternatives:

Try Zoho Projects for free

Before testing all the alternatives, Zoho Projects offers a 10-day trial to give you an idea of the tool's possibilities!

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