Our Review of Freshdesk: The Customer Support Software With The Best Customer Reviews

In the customer support software market, Freshdesk is definitely a leader for small businesses looking for a good customer support tool.

It is one of the most powerful tools on the market, with complete functionalities (omnichannel management, automation with powerful AI, customizable reporting) for a renewed customer experience.

If you do not need internal functions (project or asset management), this is the solution for you!

Find out everything you need to know about Freshdesk customer support here.

Our opinion on Freshdesk in brief

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Overall score


An excellent solution, intuitive and customisable. A little complicated to access at first, but once mastered, it is an unbeatable performance!
Functional scope


All the essential features are present, including Freddy AI, the real highlight of Freshdesk, which is accessible from the Enterprise Plan.


Quality reporting, with ready-to-use reports and customisation possibilities. It just takes some time to get used to it.


Support is responsive, multilingual and available through multiple channels. A real plus point.


A wide range of applications, some of them developed by Freshdesk. Access from the most basic plans, and even a free trial!
Value for money


At first glance, the pricing seems affordable. However, many of the features involve additional costs. A lack of transparency on this side, despite a competitive offer compared to the market average.


  • Free map available
  • Gamification, Automation & Chatbots
  • Quite successful multi-channel management: ticketing, telephone, and live chat


  • Advanced features are only available from the latest plan which is very expensive
  • Many hidden costs, not very transparent on pricing

Try Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with access to all features to give you a good idea of the tool's capabilities.

Freshdesk: our opinion on the essential features

1. Management of support tickets on all channels

This is the basic functionality. Freshdesk allows you to quickly find tickets according to different criteria: open, pending, late, urgent, priority...

Browsing through the list of tickets is much easier, both for each agent and at team level.

If you have created custom categories, you can also define them as search filters.

Adding fields is very simple: Freshdesk offers an intuitive drag-and-drop editor. Fields can be added, deleted and moved very easily. The mapping to your ticket fields is automatic.

If you need to manually filter a list of tickets, you can use the search bar at the top of the screen or the filter function on the right for a more comprehensive search.


The only negative point is that the basic search function switches directly to results that include tickets, contacts, forum content, etc. It is therefore more difficult to find your way around.

2. Collaboration tools

This is one of Freshdesk's key features: simplifying the issuing of support tickets and facilitating collaboration between agents. We detail the most useful tools:

  • Shared ownership and agent collision detection: Tickets can be assigned to agents and prioritised. With the filter function, your agents focus directly on the highest priority tickets.
    If several agents are working on the same support ticket, the helpdesk informs them of the status. You avoid having two agents working on a ticket at the same time without knowing it!
  • Customised ticket statuses: keep you informed of the status of each ticket. With the customisation tool, you can create the most relevant categories for your organisation.
  • Parent-child ticketing: The parent-child ticketing feature allows you to split tickets into smaller, more manageable tasks. The same team can work on them in parallel.
    Alternatively, you can merge similar tickets and send a single status update for all of them.
  • Preset answers: Freshdesk keeps track of common answers to customer issues. Your agents can answer common customer questions faster and more efficiently.
  • Gamification: This is one of the specificities of Freshdesk. The platform offers to initiate a healthy competition between your employees, to stimulate their productivity. The goal is to earn as many points as possible.
    You can then reward the best agents according to different criteria: best overall score, highest customer satisfaction rate, fastest resolution time...

Our opinion

The gamification feature is a hit: this is where Freshdesk clearly stands out from the competition.

3. Automation

With automation, you gain efficiency. AI analyses and prioritises customer requests, and assigns tickets to each agent according to their skills and availability.

You can also pre-register typical scenarios. These are groups of actions with several steps that Freshdesk executes automatically. Standard scenarios can be multiple: priority, problem category, ticket status...

When you do a search, you can use these common criteria without having to manually filter the list each time.

What we think

Freddy AI makes suggestions based on old tickets. Tickets are updated automatically, and your agents receive a notification when a customer is contacted!

Try Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with access to all features to give you a good idea of the tool's capabilities.

4. Freddy AI: Freshdesk's secret weapon

Freddy AI is a suite of AI features designed for Freshdesk. It allows you to create bots that automatically respond to tickets received via email, chat or the Freshcaller tool.

Freddy AI also manages intelligent transfers of conversations to agents. It offers instant support on WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

The social network monitoring feature automatically creates tickets by detecting publications related to a support need.

Another highlight: With the automatic hierarchy of tickets and the standard response suggestions, the productivity of your employees is optimised.

Detection of customer thank-you emails allows the generation of an automatic response.

Freddy AI then feeds the reporting and analysis functions of Freshdesk.

Freddy AI offers 2 services in particular:

  • Freddy Answers: Your customers don't have to wait for an answer anymore! This intelligent chatbot handles the most common requests and lets your agents focus on more complex issues.
  • Freddy Self-service: You can provide personalised support to your customers in 42 languages.

What we think

No technical skills are required to set up these services. You can set them up in no time. However, be careful about the quality of the service you offer.

Going further

Read our article on the 10 chatbot software to generate B2B leads.

5. The helpdesk on Freshdesk

The Freshdesk portal contains answers to frequently asked questions: your customers don't have to wait for an agent to be available. In return, your agents can focus on the most complex and high value tickets.

You can integrate the content of this knowledge base into all support channels, including chat or your company website.

Customers can also participate in discussions on community forums.

  • Automatic solution suggestions: Freddy AI automatically suggests solutions or items to your agents. You can also make relevant solutions available to customers.
  • Feedback mechanism: With the possibility to leave comments on the articles, you can make adjustments easily.

Try Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with access to all features to give you a good idea of the tool's capabilities.

Reporting on Freshdesk: our opinion

Freshdesk offers built-in reporting and analysis tools to help you continuously improve the quality of your customer service.

The ready-to-use dashboards give you an overview of your performance in graphical form: number of support tickets, agent and team productivity, customer satisfaction surveys, etc.

You can filter the reports by agent, team or media type and export them as a PDF.

To move on to more detailed analysis, Freshdesk gets a little more complicated. You can make custom dashboards by adding analysis widgets to a dedicated page.

You can use existing templates, but usually you need to add blank graphics and select the data to be displayed. You can also add images and text boxes, change fonts and colours.

Overall, Freshdesk's reporting is hard to beat: it's the perfect tool for creating quality reports. But it takes a little time to get used to the platform, so the first few reports take a little while to finalise!

Try Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with access to all features to give you a good idea of the tool's capabilities.

Freshdesk: customer reviews

Freshdesk has excellent customer reviews on all existing platforms. Those who adopt the tool are quickly convinced of its features and performance. The only recurring negative point is that it is difficult for beginners to get to grips with the tool.

Try Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with access to all features to give you a good idea of the tool's capabilities.

Customer support on Freshdesk: our opinion

The Freshdesk team is often available, although the size of the organisation means that waiting times can be long. Agents can be reached via live chat or the helpdesk. Product videos are also available if no agent is available.

Freshdesk support handles different products, languages and time zones:

  • With multi-product support, requests are classified and sent to the corresponding agents. Each product can also have specific assignment rules, personalised e-mail notifications...
  • Freshdesk supports 26 different languages.
  • The platform adapts to the international dimension of your organisation. Your agents can plan working hours according to a given geographical location or team.
  • The SLA can be customised according to the product, department or structure being supported.

Try Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with access to all features to give you a good idea of the tool's capabilities.

Integrations on Freshdesk

Freshworks Marketplace integrates with the most popular applications: project management tools, agent productivity and CRM, sales and marketing, data sharing and more. customer files and collaboration, and user and content management.

In particular, Freshdesk offers the Freshworks suite of tools:

  • Freshdesk Caller: A voice platform that allows you to reduce waiting times and missed calls.
  • Freshservice: The tool to modernise your IT services with an intuitive and intelligent solution.

With the API feature, you can add custom functionality to your helpdesk. Integration with the Google product suite is ideal for businesses that rely on the Google for Work suite.

Another highlight: Slack integration facilitates communication between agents. It also acts as a tracking system with real-time notifications of new tickets and updates on private or public Slack channels.

You can convert conversations between customers and your teams into support tickets. A very effective tool to improve ticket allocation and follow-up!

Try Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with access to all features to give you a good idea of the tool's capabilities.

Freshdesk: prices

Freshdesk divides its pricing into two families: Support Desk and Omnichannel. Support Desk handles tickets created by email or social networks, while Omnichannel adds telephony, live chat, Whatsapp business, etc.

Each pricing family is then divided into several plans with increasingly advanced features.

Freshdesk offers a free 21-day plan with no commitment. You have access to all features, and for an unlimited number of agents!

Freshdesk Support Desk plans: prices

The Support Desk plans combine the best of support tickets, assistance and reporting tools.

  • Growth: To access automation features, integrations and much more robust reporting. The monthly fee is €18 per agent.
  • Pro: To access automatic ticket routing (round-robin), satisfaction questionnaires (and CSAT reporting) and customise roles and dashboards. Cost €59 per agent per month.
  • Enterprise: The most popular plan. It gives access to Freddy AI features (chatbot, article suggestions, answer suggestions, etc.). 95 per agent per month.

Freshdesk Omnichannel plans: prices

For each plan, you have access to the corresponding Support Desk plan, with additional messaging features:

  • Growth Omnichannel: Access to live chat and telephony channels (up to 2000 incoming minutes per month). Access to the Freddy AI chatbot (up to 2000 conversations per month). Cost €35 per agent per month.
  • Pro Omnichannel: You grow to 3000 inbound minutes per month and 3000 chatbot conversations. Whatsapp Business and Apple Business chat functionality allows you to send messages directly to your customers. The monthly fee is €71 per agent.
  • Enterprise Omnichannel: The most comprehensive plan. You go to 5000 inbound minutes and 5000 chatbot conversations. It gives you access to the email bot, voice bot, and brings a lot of customisation features to the flows. Count 119€ per agent and per month.

Try Freshdesk

Freshdesk offers a 21-day free trial with access to all features to give you a good idea of the tool's capabilities.

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