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Our review of Plezi One

Plezi One is an automated marketing software that enables individualized follow-up of each prospect. Each automated workflow is unique and adapts in real time to your leads' online actions.

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My opinion

Customer reviews

  • An effective approach to content marketing
  • Excellent French-speaking support
  • Google Search Console integration
  • Still a little light on functions (recent)
  • Highly dependent on a willingness to develop SEO
  • Lacks a bit of integration

Ideal for build a true content marketing strategy

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4.5 / 5
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4.7 / 5
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Plezi One is designed as an all-in-one content-driven lead generation tool. And it’s a great success. The tool manages to reconcile web browsing data, CRM data, and SEO data (Search console) in a very clear and action and performance oriented interface.

More than a tool, it is a lot of good practices and methods that are embedded in the experience. The free plan is very generous and really allows all B2B entrepreneurs to set up an inbound marketing strategy, and especially to get leads and revenue from it.

My opinion on Plezi One in a nutshell

Perimeter Score My opinion
Overall rating 4,5 Plezi One is a complete tool for implementing a B2B inbound marketing strategy. At the crossroads of SEO, relationship marketing and content marketing, the tool embeds a lot of intelligence and best practices to generate ever more leads.
Functional scope 4,1 Still in beta only a few months ago, Plezi already offers a wide range of features, and is regularly adding new ones. Landing pages, for example, are already planned.
Reporting 4,5 It’s one of the few solutions to offer such comprehensive reporting (in its free plan), which also integrates Google Search Console data, all in an easy-to-use interface.
Accompaniment/Support 4,8 Here again, Plezi One stands out for its high-quality, French-speaking support: all customer reviews praise the responsiveness of the Plezi teams!
Integrations 4,2 Probably one of the downsides of Plezi One: the marketplace of integrations is still a little light, but the essentials are there, whether with WordPress or Search Console.
Value for money 4,8 Plezi One’s big strength: we haven’t yet found a free tool as complete and generous as this one.
  • The tool is very conversion- and performance-oriented, and allows you to identify at a glance what’s working, so you can redouble your efforts.
  • A tool made in France, in French, with French-speaking customer support.
  • The onboarding experience is well thought-out, and quite successful. From integrating the script to creating the first forms and resources, you’ll quickly understand where to find the information and how to manage the various elements.
  • The panel of integrations is still a little light, but it’s under development.
  • The email campaign editor is very simple, and also very effective.
  • We would have liked to be able to identify more precisely the sources of traffic that lead to conversion, for example the number of conversions per first page visited.

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Plezi One functional scope

Plezi One web tracking script

It all starts with the installation of Plezi’s webtracking script. The wizard guides us through the installation process, using Google Tag Manager (the option we’ve chosen and recommend), WordPress, or by hand.

In concrete terms, it’s a little Javascript snippet (a bit like google analytics) that tracks activity on your website, resource downloads, and identifies your visitors and the actions they take on your site.

This is a fundamental step in extracting value from your marketing automation tool, and the team is well aware of this. They’ve gone to great lengths to make integration as easy as possible, with detailed tutorial videos and step-by-step instructions.

Resources & Forms on Plezi One

Plezi one resources

Plezi One is first and foremost designed to help you generate leads.

The tool is very much oriented around what it calls resources. In practical terms, these are objects of (micro-)conversions. These can be articles, landing pages, downloadable documents or forms.

You can host resources that you promise visitors in exchange for filling in a form. Plezi lets you link a form to a resource, so you don’t have to build the marketing automation scenario.

template contact form Plezi one

To build a form, you can rely on pre-designed form templates, which come with all the best practices (opt-in checkbox, thank-you message, welcome email, etc.).

Then you get a piece of HTML code to copy and paste into your CMS. If you’re using WordPress, we highly recommend that you make a Shortcode to insert it easily in the right places.

Lead management and segmentation

The contact page also emphasizes simplicity and conversion, by highlighting (by default) the acquisition medium. In other words, the source of traffic that leads to conversion for each of your leads.

Plezi one contact sheet

You can access a lead’s entire history in the prospect file: the number of sessions and details of the prospect’s activity in each session. Pages visited and their number, content requested, etc. Plezi One gives you access to a wide range of very precise information, enabling you to track all your prospects’ activity so you can convert as many leads as possible.

You can, of course, fill in the prospect file manually with any type of information about your prospect: personal information as well as company data.

Your teams can add notes at the end of each prospect file to complete this information.

lead plezi sheet

Email marketing campaigns

In the “Emailing” tab, you can find all your email campaigns, their modification dates and statuses. The real strength of Plezi One is its ease of use: the tool is super-intuitive, and it’s really, really easy to create a new campaign.

You start by giving your campaign a title and, above all, by choosing an email campaign format (article, newsletter or webinar) or creating your own from scratch.

The advantage is that templates guide you through the content to be written and how it should be presented (highlighted, keywords, etc.), while being infinitely customizable. You can add various social networking buttons or HTML codes, your images and contact details, of course, and so on.

In short, for start-ups and VSEs who aren’t necessarily marketing experts, Plezi One achieves a good balance between a fairly rich tool that can be customized to your needs, but which remains really intuitive and simple to use for those who know nothing about it.

You can preview your email campaign before sending it, in both desktop and mobile versions.

plezi one campaign

You then decide who will send the campaign (and their email address) and, above all, who will receive it: you can import your contacts and then select contact segments if you’ve created any.

Last step: you choose when to send the campaign, which you can of course schedule for a later date.

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Reporting on Plezi One

Reporting is super-simple, fun and complete on Plezi One. It’s one of the only “light” marketing automation software packages to place so much value on conversions and results measurement, rather than action, and that’s refreshing.

plezi reporting

The dashboard highlights traffic, conversions into submitted forms, and leads (i.e. a new contact, acquired through a form).



The site also details traffic sources by medium (rather better than Google Analytics, it has to be said), and even integrates Google Search Console data to give you a detailed report on the Google conversion tunnel.


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Plezi One offers you ultra-complete reporting, even in its free plan.

Plezi One integrations

Plezi one is still very new, and the marketplace of integrations is still a little light. But the main point is:

  • The tracking script can be integrated into any website, and integration is easy with Google Tag Manager and WordPress.
  • The integration with the search console is very complete, and not at all gimmicky, giving you an overview of all the traffic generated by Google, and the impact of this traffic on your performance.
  • Integration with WordPress, enabling one-click integration of forms in the page and article editor (compatible with Gutemberg, Elementor, Divi, and shortcodes).

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Customer reviews of Plezi One

The Plezi One tool is still too new to have any real feedback on customer reviews, but we can tell you about the reviews for the Plezi solution on Capterra, and they’re all excellent.

Reviews have been particularly complimentary of the tool’s onboarding, which is particularly well designed and very intuitive to use. The success of this onboarding is inextricably linked to the quality of the customer support and the Plezi teams, on which opinions are unanimous: Plezi provides flawless support while remaining human with its customers.

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Plezi One is very recent, but very promising given the feedback on Plezi.

Customer support at Plezi One


The team has put all its efforts into customer support, to be accessible at all times. You can contact support from the intercom widget at the bottom of the page at any time, and they’ve integrated lots of contextual messages into the tool to guide you through the discovery phase.


The knowledge base is already pretty well populated, with very precise content on each element, and lots of 2-5 minute videos.

Above all, it’s one of the only tools on the market to be available entirely in French, with responsive French-speaking support.

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Plezi One: Pricing


Plezi One’s biggest strength is its price. There aren’t many free marketing automation programs out there, and even fewer that are as comprehensive.

Plezi One offers an ultra-rich free version, which includes :

  • Analysis reports, Google Search Console and site reports
  • Unlimited forms and contacts
  • Unlimited access to their resources too
  • Unlimited number of Plezi One users

In our opinion, this is the most important advantage of Plezi One, especially for start-ups and VSEs who don’t necessarily have the means to afford ultra-expensive software: no other marketing automation solution today can go this far.

Plezi One offers a paid version, with excellent value for money: the One plan, at €39/month, includes email campaigns, contact import and a personalized domain in addition to the free plan.

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