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FreshSales – Full review

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Are you looking to deploy a comprehensive CRM solution in your company? Freshsales can be a wise option: affordable rates & ease of use. With Freshsales you won’t have to face a steep learning curve, and your sales team will appreciate the time you save. Robust lead generation & lead management functionalities will also be a major boost to your business.

Freshsales is an ideal tool for SMEs, but can also support more advanced sales organizations with lead management &automation features.

My opinion of FreshSales in a nutshell

Perimeter Score My opinion
Overall rating 4,3 FreshWorks offers solid, rich, easy-to-use CRM software. All in all, it’s a great success, and the customers who choose this solution are very satisfied. Downside: no French-speaking support.
Ease of use 4,6 Freshsales offers a very successful interface, with a user experience that will encourage adoption by your sales force. The “Conversations” tab is very practical to use, providing access to all communication channels with a single click from the menu.
Easy to install 4,3 Freshsales mainly integrates with the FreshWorks suite of tools. But Freshworks CRM does most of the work for a successful integration. The tool offers lead capture tools (forms) and, above all, a “native” lead scoring module to help you prioritize the right leads.
Customer service 4,2 Freshsales is one of the solutions with the highest scores on customer review platforms. Their documentation is very comprehensive, and customer service is available 24/7 by chat, phone or email.
Integrations 4 This is a major strength of the solution: you benefit not only from the FreshWorks ecosystem, but also from a comprehensive integration portal.
Value for money 3,7 FreshSales’ entry price is a little higher than other solutions at €29/month, but the software offers an impressive number of features, while remaining very lightweight. Overall, it’s a very good commercial CRM.

FreshSales: a tool in the FreshWorks suite

Freshsales is part of the Freshworks suite of tools:

  • Freshdesk: Support tool.
  • Freshchat: To communicate with your customers.
  • Freshteam: Human resources solution.
  • Freshservice: Optimizing your in-house IT department.
  • Freshcaller: A call center at your disposal.
  • Freshmarketer: Optimize your conversion.
  • Freshrelease: Manage your Agile projects.
  • Freshstatus: Configure your hosted public status page.
  • Freshping: Monitor the availability of your website.
  • Freshsuccess: To support your Customer Success team.

Salesdorado’s opinion
The ability to easily integrate the other tools in the Freshwork suite is a real plus when you choose Freshsales. In the same way that Zoho offers a complete software suite, this means you have a single partner for all aspects of your sales strategy.

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Our opinion of FreshSales: easy-to-use yet powerful CRM software

The tool is divided into 7 environments to enable your sales force to navigate easily between the different tabs:

  • Activity dashboard: Get an overview of your various activities and deals.
  • Prospects: Import your prospecting files and track the progress of leads.
  • Contacts: Get a global view and complete information on each prospect.
  • Accounts : This tab gives you an overview of the situation by company, not by contact.
  • Business: Track the progress of your leads through the sales funnel and their potential via an intuitive Kanban view.
  • Conversations : A tool for lead generation and tracking interactions between your team and your leads.
  • Reports: Access intuitive dashboards for detailed reports and business performance indicators.

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The dashboard

Freshsales dashboard

The intuitive dashboard lets you track your various activities at a glance. You can synchronize your emails and calendars so you don’t miss a thing. This tab also lets you book tasks and appointments, which is very useful in your day-to-day management.

Lead management on FreshSales

The Freshsales CRM contact display is easy to use and provides a wealth of useful information. Once you’ve entered a contact, the platform automatically populates it with data from the company’s website and social network accounts. You can see the value of each contact to your business, and view recent messages and social network posts at a glance.

Freshsales Gestion Prospects

What’s more, the view management drop-down menu lets you display leads according to the date they were added, or their progression through your sales funnel.

A word about lead scoring on FreshSales

Freshsales lead scoring

Freshsales will automatically assign a rating to each contact based on their past involvement with your company. You can sort and filter contacts according to their score, so it’s easy to prioritize your communication tasks. If your sales team is segmented by geographical area, Freshsales CRM can automatically allocate leads that you import or that register via an online form to the right salesperson.

Contact management on FreshSales

Freshsales contacts

CRM gives you a 360° view of each customer, enabling your sales force to prepare sales meetings & facilitate the preparation of sales proposals.

Sales pipeline management on FreshSales

Freshsales pipeline

Sales funnel management is another success of this interface. It works like a kanban board, with the ability to drag and drop deals between the “New”, “Follow-up”, “Under Review” and “Won” categories. In addition to making it easy to visualize the stages in the progress of your deals and their value, sales reps can quickly and easily filter by customer, rep, value, etc.

The conversations tab on FreshSales

A major advantage of Freshsales CRM is that your sales team can carry out almost all their communication tasks without leaving the software. The platform integrates with most major email clients, including Gmail, and all incoming and outgoing emails are synchronized with both systems. Emails are automatically linked to the appropriate contact for the follow-up of each deal.

Freshsales CRM offers several different tools to make emailing faster and more efficient. Customizable email templates are available to speed up simple communications. What’s more, you can send email campaigns to an unlimited number of contacts in your database. You can even see who’s opened your emails and when, and receive real-time notifications when an email is opened when you’re waiting for important feedback from a prospect.

Freshales communication

Freshsales CRM also offers an integrated telephone call solution, with automatic call recording. As with emails, call recordings are automatically saved in contacts. Best of all, you can take notes on a call, and these are also saved for the contact so you can remind them of what was said the next time you contact them.

Customer reviews of FreshSales

Overall, users are enthusiastic about Freshales. They appreciate the ease of use of the tool, as well as the integration of lead generation tools that enable them to track leads throughout the sales funnel.

Freshsales users praise the excellent customer support Freshwork offers for its entire suite of tools. If the solution you need isn’t already in the database (which doesn’t happen very often), you can contact professionals 24/7 via live chat, phone or email.

Salesdorado’s opinion
A CRM that’s easy to deploy, reasonably priced and packed with interesting features for optimizing your sales processes. The advantages of Freshsales have won over its users.

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FreshSales rates

Freshworks CRM pricing

FreshWorks CRM offers 3 pricing levels, all of which you can try for 21 days.

  • The Growth package costs €29 per user per month. It provides access to a Kanban-style sales funnel view, a prospect scoring system, the ability to make calls directly from the CRM via “Freshcaller” and access to the API and integrations. This plan includes up to 1000 contacts. After that, it costs €25/month for each additional 1,000 contacts.
  • The Pro plan, priced at €69 per user per month, lets you automate up to 50 workflows, so you lose less time on repetitive tasks. It also includes the ability to segment users into teams (up to 10 teams) and geographical areas, set up sales sequences (up to 10) and customize user authorizations. This plan includes up to 3,000 contacts.
  • The Enterprise plan costs €125 per user per month (list price), automates up to 100 workflows and provides access to automatic lead enrichment, an advanced lead scorer, and many other advanced features. You also have access to customizable dashboards to better monitor your activities.

Freshworks supplements this price list with add-ons:

  • Telephone credits: From €25 to digitalize & integrate your telephony with your CRM
  • Whatsapp integration: For €42 per month, you can use Whatsapp as a real communication channel.
  • Additional workflows from €10 per month for 10 workflows
  • Additional marketing contacts from €20 per month for 1000 additional contacts

Salesdorado’s opinion
FreshWorks offers highly modular pricing, which can be adapted to a wide range of organizations. Take the time to simulate the rate to really compare with other solutions.

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Integrations: FreshSales CRM’s strong point

In addition to the Freshdesk helpdesk, Freshsales integrates with other group products such as Freshchat (webchat for sales reps), Freshconnect (collaboration) and Freshcaller (integrated calling).

The tool also integrates with leading :

  • Collaboration: Trello, Asana, Panda Doc.
  • Lead generation: Facebook, Shopify.
  • Marketing Automation: Hubspot, Zapier, Mailchimp.
  • And many more!

Freshsales integrations

Salesdorado’s opinion
Access to the entire Freshworks ecosystem is a real plus, with call features in particular. The tool integrates well with a large number of third parties, which is a real plus if you want to go further in automation.

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To go further
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