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Linkedin automation: what you need to know in 2024

Published , Updated 5 mn
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With its billion users, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for generating B2B leads. To get the most out of it, you need to maintain a constant presence on the platform, which takes a lot of time. That’s why it’s so important to be familiar with the various automations that will enable you to retrieve data, contact your prospects in a personalized way and manage your content in the best possible way.

What can you automate on Linkedin and, above all, for what purpose? What are the methods, risks and tools for each possible automation?

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Linkedin automation: Retrieving data

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s advanced search

The Linkedin Sales Navigator tool lets you define ultra-precise criteria, going beyond the classic search parameters, to identify your prospects more easily. With this feature, you can create targeted lead lists based on criteria such as industry sector, company size, location, etc. The advantage is that data recovery is low-risk.

Export qualified leads

The aim here is to export a database qualified according to identified segments. In this case, too, data retrieval involves a low risk . This applies, for example, if you want information on people who have interacted (commented or liked) with a specific LinkedIn post, or prospects registered for an event. A tool like Apollo lets you export any profile with a Chrome extension. Also an extension, Evaboot takes advantage of LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s goldmine to export your leads. With Captain Data, you can launch campaigns by extracting LinkedIn profiles that interact with your posts or visit your profile.

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Find your prospects’ email addresses

To build up new databases ready for integration into your CRM and subsequent activation, you can export the emails of pre-qualified prospects. Thanks to its highly successful Chrome extension, Apollo gives you access to your prospect’s phone number or email address. Waalaxy is also a powerful prospecting tool, enabling you, for example, to create email campaigns directly with LinkedIn profiles who interact with your posts or visit your profile. Also with a Chrome extension, Evaboot leverages LinkedIn Sales Navigator’s goldmine to find emails fast. The advantage is that data retrieval is low-risk.

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Boost your Linkedin events and contact guests

In order to quantify engagement and create targeted opportunities later on, you may need to export the list of participants in a LinkedIn event. Captain Data and Phantombuster are two similar tools that enable this mode of automation, with very low risk since you’re recovering data .

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Linkedin automation: Contacting prospects

Follow and visit profiles on Linkedin

The primary objective of following and visiting profiles on LinkedIn is to qualify your prospects. By doing so, you arouse the curiosity of targeted users and encourage them to do the same. This creates an initial virtual relationship and facilitates contact. Waalaxy, Captain Data and Phantombuster enable you to set up this kind of automation. These kinds of actions are very low-risk, unless you visit and follow too many profiles a day.

Invite qualified people to connect on Linkedin

By qualifying your prospects and inviting them to connect on Linkedin, you can then contact those who have accepted and turn them into an opportunity. The risk here is that you act on Linkedin and send a notification to another user. Beware: LinkedIn fights hard against spam and limits each user to 100 invitations per week. So be relevant and targeted when using this kind of tool. Waalaxy and LaGrowthMachine are two examples of tools that allow you to bypass the limit of 100 invitations per week.

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Send messages to prospects on Linkedin

Once your prospects have accepted your invitation, you can send them automatic messages directly on Linkedin. When using this automation mode, you need to be careful to set up your campaigns properly and check your prospect list to avoid spamming. Both Waalaxy and LaGrowthMachine allow you to manage your LinkedIn message campaigns.

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Linkedin automation: Managing your content

Find inspiration

If you’re looking for inspiration, you can automatically retrieve posts by other designers that have worked best on a given topic. You can use them to feed a custom GPT with examples, or to draw inspiration directly from them. Data recovery is a low-risk activity, even if it involves data that is more complicated to extract. Phantombuster offers a Chrome extension that extracts LinkedIn user publications in .CVS or .JSON format. Every time you visit someone’s profile or have a conversation on LinkedIn, Taplio offers a Chrome extension that shows you the best-performing content on this account, as well as a summary of who this person is.

Automate the preparation of your Linkedin posts

You can use GPT to automatically generate a LinkedIn post, but you need to be careful how you use it. It works well for generating hooks, very well when given 2 or 3 examples, but much less so for creating entire posts. So be sure to proofread what you publish to remain as credible as possible. You can find many prompts online, and you should try several depending on the inputs you want to provide. With OwlyWriter AI, Hootsuite makes social networking posts quick and easy. Specializing in LinkedIn, Taplio uses AI to create high-performance, human-like publications.

Planning your Linkedin content

Planning your content on LinkedIn helps you save time, anticipate and analyze your communication, and keep an overview of your various publications. You can also publish from multiple accounts at the same time, and optimize the time of day at which you post for maximum reach. Choose your tool wisely to avoid having to intervene later. When distributing content on LinkedIn, make sure the tool correctly understands your intention and avoids any mistakes. LinkedIn now directly offers to schedule your posts to go live at a later date. PerfectPost is an all-in-one LinkedIn content management tool, while lets you write, organize and publish your LinkedIn content directly on Notion.

Analyze your visibility on Linkedin

Understanding your visibility and reputation on Linkedin enables you to compare your performance in terms of content and interactions with prospects with your competitors or other players in the market, and thus adapt your methods. To achieve this, Shield uses AI to analyze your performance and areas for improvement. PerfectPost ‘s Chrome extension also tracks your performance.

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Bonus: what really doesn’t work

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is first and foremost a professional network, not a B2B platform. It’s an excellent tool that needs to be used wisely. For example, avoid sending connection requests to any user. Any behavior that could be interpreted as spam, such as sending identical messages to all your prospects or oversharing content, should be avoided. Similarly, when automating certain actions, make sure you don’t overdo it and retain total control over all your page’s activities.

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Axel is one of Salesdorado's co-founders. He's also the founder of, a review management tool for B2B SaaS companies