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Choosing the right customer support software is critical to your business, but it's easy to get lost in the many software packages available on the market.

Help Scout is the ideal platform for the uninitiated or small organisations because of its ease of use. And the real plus point is its price/quality ratio, which is hard to beat.

But its many features will also suit larger groups thanks to a well-developed helpdesk, easy management of support tickets, quality reporting, etc.

Find out everything you need to know about Help Scout in this article!

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Our opinion on Help Scout in brief

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Overall score
Help Scout is the super-fast-to-adopt and easy-to-use software. It offers an aggregation of all customer history in the interface, as well as a customer feedback tool (forms, pop-ups) to engage in conversation with your customers. And the 15-day free trial allows you to get familiar with the tool!
Functional scope
Most features are available with the standard plan. With the Company plan, you have an unlimited number of email boxes and access to a dedicated account manager!
The reporting is precise and well developed. You have all the information on your chats, emails, customer satisfaction rates, etc. but also reports on your most loyal customers or your pre-recorded answers.
The support is very well provided with a catalogue of articles classified by category, webinars and training on customer support management. We only regret that the support agents are not reachable by phone.
Numerous integrations, including the most classic ones(Salesforce, WordPress, Mailchimp), but a catalogue that is perhaps a little less extensive than some competitors.
Value for money
Probably the best value for money on the market: no plan is more than $60/month.


  • Ease of use and user experience. Customer support is excellent, available, and responsive.
  • One of the best value solutions. Plans between $20 and $60 per month, where Zendesk for example offers plans between $49 and $99 per month.
  • Particularly suitable for small companies that can easily adapt the tool to their needs for greater efficiency.


  • The mobile application is clearly not as well developed as the competition.
  • Quite a few integrations available (notably Salesforce), but overall less than other platforms.
  • An easy-to-use platform, but the downside is the lack of customisation possibilities.

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Help Scout: detailed features

At Help Scout, all features have a purpose. And if customisation is limited, it is above all because the platform relies on its simplicity of access and use.

Management of support tickets

One of the first features of the Help Scout helpdesk is the shared inboxes. Each inbox contains emails, live chats and calls with customers to which all agents have access.

This system facilitates communication and, above all, avoids duplication thanks to Help Scout's "collision detector": it indicates in real time who else is consulting or replying to a message.

Several inbox-related availabilities:

  • Saved answers: you can use pre-recorded answers to get to the point quickly.
  • Private notes: this allows you to leave messages for other agents to ask for help or collaboration.
  • Tags: tags can be added to messages to facilitate reporting.

The little extra: switching from the inbox to a one-to-one discussion with the customer is just a click away.

The management system is complemented by Help Scout's automated workflows. Developed with AI based on "if-then" logic, they perform repetitive tasks and save you time: creating grouped emails, assigning conversations to agents, etc.

For example, if a customer message contains the word "laptop", the system will direct the message to your specialist for handling.

Our opinion

The multi-channel approach to managing support tickets is a real asset. Read our guide to best practice in customer retention.

The Help Desk at Help Scout

Its main feature is a highly developed knowledge base designed to improve customer service. The articles are both for agents (advice on relevant information to give) and for customers (searching for solutions independently).

According to Help Scout, this feature reduces agent-customer conversations by 20%.

The database is customisable by any agent via the Help Scout message editor. Each company can create articles with customisable categories, related articles and keywords for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Then embed your articles on any web page (including pop-up or sidebar location). It is also possible to make them accessible via the Help Scout Beacon chatbot.

Live chat and automatic responses

The live chat option limits the volume of conversations to be handled by your agents: your customers find an answer easily thanks to the Beacon tool.

Beacon ensures that the chat window only appears if an agent is available. The tool can be customised with Self service or Ask first, which guides customers in the best possible way. This is the tool to improve your customer support service.

In addition, the in-app messaging option allows you to send a message from any website, blog or application using a tag: you reduce your support requests.

Our opinion

With a few extra lines of code, you can create your own custom responses, including reporting!

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Reporting at Help Scout

It is well known that the success of customer service software is measured by its performance data. With Help Scout reports, your customer service managers have all the information they need: chats, emails, phone calls, knowledge base documents and customer satisfaction rates.

In addition, other options are available for reports on repeat customers, workflows, recorded responses, etc.

Pro tip

Export this data to spreadsheets, or use the Fivetran integration to connect it to your business intelligence applications.

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Customer reviews of Help Scout

On the whole, customers very much appreciate the ease of use of the software and its well constructed interface. For those who are looking for advanced features and want to be able to customise the platform further, opinions are more mixed but still good.

Going further

Read our article on How to get more good customer reviews (and why)?

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Customer support at Help Scout

Customer support is available with all Help Scout plans. Their agents are accessible via email and chat 6 days a week, but there is no telephone support.


Like the whole tool, the support is not available in French. This is an important point when making your choice.

It also provides access to online resources:

  • Knowledge base: you can find articles in 8 different categories: getting started, account management, mobile applications and integrations, etc.

  • Guides: find detailed information on customer acquisition, support and retention.
  • HelpU: you can attend live events, subscribe to the monthly video series "The Supportive" and read articles written by customer service experts in "Humans of Support".
  • Newsletters: there are newsletters about customer support, growth and culture, product updates, etc. You can choose the frequency (twice a week, weekly or monthly).
  • Webinars: you can access live and archived webinars on a variety of topics: customer experience, helpdesk use, branding, etc.

Our opinion

The real plus of Help Scout is their customer-centric approach. Customers are more than just trouble ticket numbers, which ensures quality customer service at every stage.

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Help Scout integrations

Help Scout offers more than 75 integrations in 7 categories: analytics, communication, CRM softwareE-commerce, marketing, support and utilities. It includes all the essentials such as Slack, WordPress or Mailchimp.

With the Plus plan, you also get HubSpot, Salesforce and Jira:

  • With Hubspot and Salesforce, you can directly transfer your customer history data and related information.
  • It is also possible to create Jira incident tickets directly on Help Scout and synchronise the two applications in real time according to their resolution.

Pro tip

Can't find the right integration for you? Use Zapier to connect Help Scout to other software, or access the Help Scout API and create your own applications!

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Help Scout's prices

  • Standard: $20/month/user - This plan already gives access to the main features: live chat, Beacon, automation, API, helpdesk, and the possibility to have 2 email boxes. Limited to 25 users.
  • Plus: $35/month/user - Allows up to 5 email addresses, team creation, and access to advanced integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot, Jira, etc.). No user limit.
  • Company: $60/month/user - Company plans are designed for teams with more than 25 employees. They provide additional security guarantees, SLAs, unlimited email boxes and a dedicated account manager.

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