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Our review of Societeinfo

Societeinfo is a marketing and sales software that enables you to optimize customer relationship management, improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and increase revenues by better converting prospects into customers.

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My opinion

Customer reviews

  • Automatic, continuous data updates
  • High-quality meta-database data
  • Advanced data enrichment features
  • Some filters can make the tool a little complex
  • Lack of integration with email prospecting tools
  • Unsuitable for small businesses

Ideal for those seeking prospecting files for the French market

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4.7 / 5
Our opinion

The market for prospecting files is probably one of the most opaque in B2B. It’s very difficult to seriously assess the quality of these tools’ meta-bases, and prices are almost always on demand.

But SocieteInfo does a refreshing job on the subject. The tool focuses on the French market only, but does it very (very) well. A high-performance search engine, frankly very solid data, and the attention to detail of a team that clearly understands the challenges of sales prospecting. For example, you have an indicator of the “quality” (probability of being correct) of each email address.

For novices, the interface is very well designed, and French support is responsive and efficient. The more advanced will appreciate the quality and depth of the data on the French market, and the transparent, accessible pricing structure. In short, Societeinfo lets you generate company and, above all, contact databases in just a few clicks, without having to go through the often tedious process of scraping/testing emails generated from linkedin profiles.

In this article, we review each of the important aspects of the tool. We’ve summed it all up in the summary table at the start of this article 😉.

My opinion about Societeinfo in a nutshell

Perimeter Score My opinion
Overall rating 4,7 Societeinfo has combined the power of one of the best French meta-bases with a high-performance SaaS tool. Whether you want to enrich your forms, generate prospecting files, or enhance your CRM, this tool lets you do it quickly, and at a very aggressive price. It’s the kind of tool that takes your sales prospecting in France to a whole new level.
Ease of use 4,9 Overall, we’re closer to the data than with software like Nomination or Linkedin Sales Navigator. Purists will appreciate finding the NAF codes associated with each industry, details of legal forms, etc. Less purist users may find the filters a little more complex than elsewhere, but the interface is very easy to understand.
Enrichment 4,8 It’s hard to assess the quality of the meta-base here, and would require a dedicated article. What we can say is that we also appreciate the transparency of the data source, and the details of the file quality to be expected according to your input. The file import interface itself is very simple & efficient.
API 4,6 The API documentation is comprehensive and very clear. Endpoints are not overly numerous (and that’s for the best). It’s also great to be able to obtain lists of contacts directly, without first having to know the company’s SIREN (a bit like clearbit’s combined API). Above all, the API provides autocomplete endpoints to aid conversion in your forms.
Customer service 4,5 The knowledge base is still a little light, but most of the information is readily available. You can ask customer support a question from the interface at any time. We tested: very precise response in less than an hour (!).
Integrations 4,1 What’s done is done well: Societeinfo offers a well-documented, high-performance Salesforce connector, and a zapier connector for enriching companies. We regret the absence of an SDK for autocomplete, for example, or more robust integrations with email prospecting or CRM / LRM tools.
Value for money 4,9 We really appreciate the transparency of our pricing, the 25 free credits per month that make it easy to test the tool, and the (very) affordable rates. We’re at 10cts a line on the first plan at 99€/month (7cts on an annual commitment), and we’re down to just under 2cts a line on the last plan. You can also buy credits in addition to your subscription, to meet a one-off need without committing to a higher subscription level. On simple services like sirenization, Societeinfo is up to 10X cheaper than the competition (!)

Free trial with 25 leads / month

A prospecting tool first and foremost

Designed to help you optimize your sales prospecting, Societeinfo is a comprehensive tool. It bases its performance on one of the best French meta-bases. The tool itself makes it easy and efficient to exploit this data.

The technologies used by Societeinfo compile all public legal data relating to French companies. We’re talking here about sources such as INSEE or INPI. But Societeinfo also draws on data put online by companies, via their websites or social network accounts. All in all, Societeinfo provides you with data on over 10 million French structures.

Salesdorado’s opinion
The big plus is that Societeinfo automatically updates this data on an ongoing basis. The data is therefore always very recent and up-to-date.

But the tool’s strength lies mainly in its powerful search engine, which gives you clear, structured access to this B2B data. The aim is to enable you to generate or enrich high-quality prospecting files.

More concretely, Societeinfo offers you a multitude of filters to refine your searches:

  • Directly on establishments (NAF, key figures or type of activity, for example)

Societeinfo filters

  • By focusing on contacts within these companies

Societeinfo filters contact

Salesdorado’s opinion
Their metabase data is the tool’s main strength. Societeinfo will boost your sales prospecting by enabling you to tap into nearly 16M contacts in France.

Above all, SocieteInfo offers a highly advanced semantic search engine, making it possible to go a long way in formulating queries using keywords & logical connectors. For example, the query “(Director OR Manager) AND Marketing” will return all directors & marketing managers. You can then enhance these advanced searches with all the filters mentioned above.
Semantic search engine societeinfo
Free trial with 25 leads / month

Societeinfo as an enrichment tool

The application features advanced data enrichment functions, including matching algorithms. These allow you to complete your prospect files with the information missing from your key accounts, such as :

  • Progression to key positions
  • Collective proceedings in progress
  • Increase or decrease in company results

Societeinfo enrichment

It’s difficult for us to promise you a high level of data quality, as this is an aspect that will have to be assessed over the long term. Societeinfo can be credited with the transparency of their provenance. Don’t hesitate to share your feedback on file quality.

To go further
Don’t hesitate to use these resources to find out more about data quality:

Note that this feature is much more effective for medium-sized and large companies with significant web activity.

Salesdorado’s opinion
A very interesting aspect of the tool on paper, especially if you’re targeting at least medium-sized companies.

Free trial with 25 leads / month

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Ease of use: our opinion

Here, it depends a lot on your profile and what you expect from this type of tool. Overall, Societeinfo’s determination to put data at the heart of its value proposition is evident. Details of the NAF codes associated with each industry, as well as legal forms as presented above, are elements that are not always found in similar solutions.

If you’re not used to this level of detail, the filters may seem a little complex, but you’ll soon get the hang of it.

We find that the data enrichment interface, for example, via import/export of your files, works very well and is quite intuitive.

Salesdorado’s opinion
Offering a high level of detail, particularly in terms of filters, while remaining as intuitive as possible is not an easy task, but Societeinfo manages it quite well in our opinion, so don’t hesitate to tell us what you think in the comments!

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Societeinfo APIs & integrations: full review

Societeinfo not only offers a Saas solution, but also a comprehensive and well-documented API.

The main applications are as follows:

Salesdorado’s opinion
These are very useful integrations, but they need to be supplemented by deeper integrations with email prospecting tools in particular.

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Societeinfo customer service

Societeinfo provides resources in the form of tutorials, depending on the type of functionality you need. We feel that this knowledge base could be extended, especially for advanced functionalities such as data enrichment.

The tool is made in France, by French people, and support is in French. If you have any questions, feel free to contact them at any time! We did the test and got a precise & adapted answer, in less than an hour (!).

Salesdorado’s opinion
While the tool allows the most advanced users to go very far, novice users will benefit from responsive support. Important information for successful use of the tool is easily accessible.

Free trial with 25 leads / month

Societeinfo rates

In terms of pricing, the tool offers a free version: 25 credits per month. Let’s be clear, you’re not going to boost your prospecting with 25 credits, but they do have the merit of allowing you to test the solution, which is appreciable.

We therefore appreciate the transparency of the pricing structure, and the fact that the rates remain more than affordable. The first 99€/month package costs 10cts per line. Gradually, by choosing a more expensive plan you’ll get a lower price per line, down to 2cts per line for the latest plan!

Salesdorado’s opinion
A super-transparent price structure and affordable prices, an overall positive approach that makes you want to go further! This is demonstrated by the possibility of purchasing credits in addition to the subscription, to meet a one-off need without committing to a higher subscription tranche.

Free trial with 25 leads / month

To go further
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