GANTT chart: the best software

The Gantt chart is a widely used project management tool to visualize the progress of your projects and the tasks to be accomplished.

Most project management and planning software offer Gantt charts, but they are sometimes too complex to use for small teams and are reserved for more complex projects.

There are also tools that specialize in Gantt charts and are often much easier for small businesses to use!

In this top, we propose a mix between Gantt chart software that are recognized project management tools and tools that are perhaps more intuitive for small teams.

Key features of a GANTT software

gantt chartAmong the key features of a Gantt software, we find both specific features for this type of software and more general features common to project management software:

  • Task management and scheduling: the goal is to have a better visualization of the work by your teams - both the tasks needed to complete each step and real-time updates of the progress.

Pro tip

A good Gantt software also proposes to break down tasks into subtasks and time units.

  • Dependency management: each Gantt chart tool must allow to mark dependencies (i.e. task B cannot progress until task A is completed).
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS): the ability to allocate tasks or time units to team members - and subsequently facilitate their collaboration (information exchange, individual progress updates)
  • Project progress monitoring: in a more macro way, the visualization of your Gantt chart must be intuitive and allow you to see the evolution of the project over a longer period of time (months/years) to facilitate the forecasting and programming of future projects.
  • Reporting: reporting features allow you to keep track of data from each project to continuously improve your performance.
  • Integrations: this allows you to export and import your projects easily from or to other software used by your team.
  • Multiple project management: the best software allows you to manage several projects in parallel.
  • Template gallery: the best software provide template galleries of basic Gantt charts, to make it easier for teams to learn.

Pro tip

The software must be easy to learn - because the learning curve must be rather short - if the system is very powerful once mastered, it is not immediately intuitive for everyone.

Top 10 GANTT software: summary table

#1 Monday: the leader in Gantt charting software

Monday is one of the leaders in the project management software market, and as such, it offers very advanced Gantt charting features.

Not only do you have access to hundreds of templates to customize your diagrams, but you also benefit from broader communication and collaboration features with your teams.

The free version of Monday is limited to 5 users. The paid version, which starts at 9 euros/month/user, allows for unlimited free visitors, unlimited tasks and projects, as well as various views of the project in Kanban, dashboard, or calendar.

Try Monday for free

Monday offers a free plan for up to 5 users to get an idea of the tool.

#2 TeamGantt: the specialized software for hyper-complete Gantt charts

ganttproUsed by Amazon, Netflix and Nike, TeamGantt is one of the market leaders with all the advanced features (comparison of planned and realized timelines in particular) and a clean and attractive design.

This Gantt charting software is fully online and has some great features like the ability to view the projected status of your tasks versus the current completed status on a calendar. They also have a handy mobile app.

TeamGantt offers a free plan with only one manager and one project (rather reserved for personal projects), the Lite plan is then at $19/manager/month with 5 collaborators. You have to upgrade to the Pro plan at $49/month to unlock the number of collaborators who can access the Gantt chart.

Try TeamGantt for free

TeamGantt offers a free 30-day trial to give you an idea of the tool, so take advantage of it!

#3 Clickup: the light and intuitive Gantt chart for all your projects

Clickup is one of the most popular project management software: very light and easy to set up, it is very well suited for small teams who want to try out Gantt charts.

The advantage is that it is a very visual software that offers many templates to customize your diagram. We also note the super reactive customer service in case of problem.

In terms of pricing, Clickup is probably the best value on the market thanks to a very advanced free plan with an unlimited number of projects. Then, the 1st plan is 5$/user/month.

Try Clickup for free

You can test the free Clickup plan for personal use before upgrading to the paid versions.

#4 GanttPro: the cloud-based Gantt software

GanttPro offers all the features of a Gantt chart software, with an intuitive use (drag-and-drop function in particular) and a really interesting quality-price ratio.

In the main advantages of GanttPro, we should highlight the fact that it is a cloud-based software, which facilitates collaboration and communication between teams, who can work together on the same documents.

GanttPro doesn't offer a free plan but its 1st plan is $7.99/month and offers a lot of features - almost all the features you would expect from a Gantt software actually.

Try GanttPro for free

GanttPro doesn't offer free plans, but you can test all its plans for free!

#5 InstaGantt: the Gantt software created for Asana

InstaGantt is a classic Gantt chart software, with many features and a rather elaborate visual.

Its particularity is that it was designed for Asana and is therefore ideal for those who already use this project management software: thanks to the Asana plugin, you can instantly convert your Asana projects into diagrams on InstaGantt.

There is no free plan but only two plans with relatively low prices, since you can choose between a $7/month plan for a single user or $5/month/user for a team.

Try InstaGantt for free

Test the different InstaGantt plans for 7 days without even entering your credit card.

#6 Wrike: the ideal software for those who use Excel

Easy to use, Wrike is an ideal software to quickly initiate projects for small teams. This tool offers most of the features needed for project planning, including Gantt charts.

It is an ideal software for those who use Excel or MS Projects a lot and want to import their data directly. We also appreciate the catalog of more than 400 integrations.

The free version of Wrike provides access to web, desktop, and mobile applications that allow you to work with internal and external collaborators, with storage up to 2GB/account.

In its paid version, which starts at $9.80/month, Wrike offers augmented storage, shareable dashboards, integrations, automation and time-tracking solutions.

Try Wrike for free

Discover the many features of Wrike's free plan!

#7 Toggl Plan: the software developed by the Toggl suite

toggl planVery easy to use, Toggl Plan is the online project management tool developed by Toggl which offers Gantt charts in a hyper visual tool, for a clear and quick overview of your projects.

The advantage of Toggl is that you can take advantage of Toggl's various tools, such as the Toggl Track integration, Toggl's time tracking tool, which is one of our favorite Chrome extensions.

Toggl does not offer a free version, but 2 paid versions, which can be tried for free for 14 days. For 8 dollars/month/user, the first one gives access to team timelines, unlimited dashboards, recurring tasks, and integrations.

For $13.35/month/user, Toggl Plan allows you to invite users to workspaces, export project data, and receive priority support.

Try Toggl Plan for free

You can take advantage of a free 14-day trial on each plan to get a feel for the tool.

#8 ProofHub: the simple and efficient Gantt software

Ideal for project managers who want a simple and efficient way to track their team's activity - and for a very competitive price that includes all the features of project management software, not just Gantt charts.

This Gantt software is more suitable for small projects, but still offers many features, such as importing your tasks in CSV format or exporting and printing your diagrams.

There are only two plans: the 1st plan is $45/month for 40 projects, but with no user limit. For $89/month, you have an unlimited number of users and access to all the features of the software.

Try ProofHub for free

ProofHub offers a 14-day trial on its various plans!

#9 SmartSheet: the Gantt software for the uninitiated

SmartSheet is a project management software with a simple design and a rich template gallery, ideal for teams less familiar with the process, who want to use Gantt charts.

As far as pricing is concerned, there is a plan at 6 euros/month/user which offers many functions but excludes all the collaboration functions between the participants of a project. To take advantage of this, you need to upgrade to the Business plan at 22 euros/month/user (with a minimum of 3 users, i.e. - in reality - 66 euros/month minimum for your team).

Try SmartSheet for free

Take advantage of the SmartSheet free trial to discover all the possibilities of the software!

#10 Agantty: the completely free software

Agantty is a Gantt chart software created by a German web agency for small and medium-sized companies.

That's why it's completely free, with many basic but powerful features, which can be improved by subscribing to paid extensions.

Agantty is therefore a software with rather basic functions and a simplistic design, but it remains quite complete (especially considering that it is free) and very flexible and easy to use.

Try Agantty for free

Agantty is the only completely free software of this top.

Why build GANTT charts?

constructionGantt charts are really effective when it comes to project management. They allow both the rigorous monitoring of the project, updating it in real time, which allows a potential adjustment.

GANTT software also provides dedicated tools to facilitate this tracking, including milestones and the critical path method - sequences of activities in a project plan that must be completed in order for the project to be finished on time.

A GANTT chart also gives an overview of the project with reporting functions: it allows to have a global view of the project progress, of the things to improve.

Pro tip

The use of a GANTT chart has consequences on the use of all the resources of your company - it concretely translates into the adjustment of the budget, the deadlines but also the teams assigned to the project.

How to build a GANTT chart?

build ganttA Gantt chart is a horizontally stacked bar chart that allows you to visualize your project on a timeline and easily track the status of your project tasks. To create one, we recommend that you:

  • Break down the project (and therefore the diagram) into steps and activities to be completed and then put them in order. You can then add milestones that mark important stages of completion.
  • Assign an individual time frame - that is, place milestones on a horizontal axis that measures the days, weeks, or months required to complete the project. You need to maintain flexibility to change your time management as the project progresses.
  • Fill in the diagram according to progress: each step should be an empty bar that fills in as the task progresses. Milestones are marked with a triangle after a step and are filled in at the end of the step.

Going further
At Salesdorado, we are convinced that different project management tools can really help you get your projects off the ground. Hence our recommendations:

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