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Our review of Sellsy

Sellsy is a sales management software package that generates leads, tracks and evaluates prospects, and manages customer service. What's more, it automates marketing campaigns and emailings for a 360-degree view of your sales and marketing efforts.

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My opinion

Customer reviews

  • Comprehensive sales, marketing and administrative tool
  • Responsive, French-speaking support
  • Suitable for all activities
  • International support leaves much to be desired
  • No free plan
  • Fairly high prices compared to competition

Ideal for VSEs & SMEs looking for an all-in-one tool in French

From 420€ per user / per year

15-day free trial

4.3 / 5
Our opinion
3.8 / 5
(13 reviews)
4.3 / 5
(61 reviews)
4 / 5
(80 reviews)

Sellsy is a full-featured CRM tool from France, with a host of functions, including marketing and accounting management. An efficient software package, aimed at both small and medium-sized businesses looking to centralize certain aspects of their management and optimize their management of sales opportunities.

How does Sellsy work? Is it the right tool for your business and your organization? We present the solution in detail in this article to give you an idea 🙂

My opinion of Sellsy in a nutshell

Perimeter Score My opinion
Overall rating 4,2 Sellsy is a relatively complete software package. This CRM offers a wide range of billing, marketing and reporting capabilities, to meet the real needs of small and medium-sized businesses.
Ease of use 4,6 Sellsy is a multiplatform CRM that can be used on both PC and tablet. A mobile application has also been developed, making use of the tool particularly simple and intuitive.
Easy to install 4,2 There’s no need to install Sellsy, which is a webapp. To log in, all you need is your login and password.
Customer service 4,7 Sellsy customer service is available. If you need anything, you’ll get an answer pretty quickly, especially in French. For English speakers, customer service is a little more complex to reach.
Integrations 4 Sellsy is a tool that integrates with a wide range of commonly used software and platforms, such as Outlook and WordPress.
Value for money 4,3 Sellsy is a good piece of software that should meet all your needs. We appreciate the many features and data. However, the high price (€30/month/user minimum) can be a deterrent.

Sellsy’s functional scope

Opportunity management

Sellsy is a functional software, which allows to follow the customer cycle thanks to its customizable pipeline. Each new opportunity is automatically associated with a stage in the sales pipeline. Readable from left to right, it allows you to have an overview of your belongings, according to their maturity.

By default, the Sellsy sales pipeline is set up as follows: lead – prospecting – telephone contact – sending quotes – negotiation. However, these data can be modified and adapted according to your needs.

Another interesting point is that Sellsy allows you to set up automatic emailing of your customers and prospects. At each new step, they can receive a message without you having to do anything.

The information related to your business opportunity must be filled in manually. They can be done automatically, if you have all the Sellsy tools and features, like the WordPress widget. The data that comes back, is recorded, stored and analyzed, which allows to obtain relevant information on the current marketing campaigns and therefore, define which is the most efficient channel.

Contact management

The Sellsy CRM is complete and offers the possibility to create contact sheets for prospects and customers. These contact forms, once opened, have fields to be filled in by default, such as the name, the first name. You can add other classic information, such as the phone number or the SIRET and “smart tags” that allow you to segment your list.

Once the contact is created, you can immediately generate your quote or invoice. You will find on the customer file, in addition to the information related to your quotes and invoices, all the interactions you have had with him, but also the points, meetings and events to come. Finally, the client list is filterable. This allows you to retrieve them, add some of them to your upcoming email campaigns, etc.

Another interesting point is that Sellsy integrates a business directory in which you can search when you create your contact. It is possible to search for a company by its name or by its SIRET. A directory that you can then enrich by creating “company files”.

To do so, you just need to fill in some information, such as the company’s address, the NAF code or the VAT number. A list of data that you will not be able to modify or set up as you wish.

Sales automation

Sellsy CRM is updated regularly. New functionalities have just been unveiled to facilitate lead tracking. To benefit from this, you can integrate the Sellsy widget into your website.

But, why such a tool? The interest of a tracker is to follow the visitor from his arrival to his departure from your site to set up a lead scoring strategy and qualify the opportunity according to his demonstrations of interest for your brand. You then have access to all of his browsing history. However, not every user has the same value.

You can estimate that the reader of your blog will be worth less than a company that will contact you by email. Sellsy CRM has integrated this idea and assigns a value to the web pages visited and the actions taken. This allows you to get a final score and determine which leads are the hottest.


The Sellsy CRM reporting tool provides access to a large amount of data: sales reports, forecasts, changes in activity, etc. You have a global overview of current and future performance. Results that you can filter according to the criteria you want (date, product…)

In detail, you will have access to precise reports, such as the prospecting report, which allows you to find out about the activity of your collaborators and their performance: how many opportunities have been won, lost, etc.

The reporting functionality of Sellsy CRM also generates an activity report that provides a global view of the activity. This allows management to have a quick overview of current, completed and upcoming tasks.

This data also allows us to have a more precise idea of the performance per pipeline and therefore to think about a commercial strategy, especially with the marketing team, when setting up new campaigns.

Marketing campaigns

Sellsy is a full-featured CRM that includes a marketing function. This means that you can create (and send) both emails and newsletters to your contact base via the visual editor. Easy to master tools, in which it is possible to integrate HTML.

For more advanced features, however, it is better to turn to a specialist in prospecting and mailing.

From a commercial point of view, Sellsy allows you to create forms to be directly integrated into your site. These will help convert visitors to the website into a real business opportunity.

Salesdorado’s opinion
Sellsy is a software with multiple features, relatively complete. It is intended for all structures, regardless of the sector of activity. A wide functional scope, which facilitates the management of its business.

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Getting started

Webapp, the Sellsy platform is rather simple to use. Clear, readable and ergonomic, it is a credible alternative to some heavier and more complex software. However, there is a lot of information on the interface. This could disrupt the user experience. Nothing surprising though, as the tool is very complete, it is necessary to anticipate a small learning curve.

This richness is one of the reasons why it takes a little time to fully understand Sellsy. A little complex, it is sometimes necessary to resort to the help of the customer service to find it.

For smartphone users, the company has developed a complete and ergonomic mobile application that allows users to create quotes, create invoices and follow their accounting from their phone.

The interface is accessible by computer or tablet provided you have an internet connection. An important point when it comes to security and confidentiality, both the software and the data are secured and hosted in France.

Salesdorado’s opinion
Rather readable and ergonomic, the Sellsy webapp is easy to use. For smartphone users, the mobile application is a major asset.

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Sellsy is a CRM that caters to a wide range of users. In fact, it integrates perfectly with many tools, such as Office 365 or even Paypal and Dropbox. A WordPress plug-in has also been developed.

In addition, the Sellsy API, while requiring the expertise of a developer, can be connected to other applications, in order to address issues that are more difficult and complex to implement, especially for e-commerce platforms.

Salesdorado’s opinion
We appreciate the fact that Sellsy integrates and can be integrated with a large number of tools. The platform is quite clear and allows the use of a large number of software programs, which are popular with professionals.

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Customer support

French-designed software, based in France, Sellsy has an efficient and easily reachable customer service, either by chatbot or by email and phone. A FAQ is also available, allowing you to find the answers to your questions. Paid services, which aim to support you in certain processes, such as importing customer files or training, are also available.

To discover the software, the sales teams offer a 30-minute demo of the software. Finally, the Sellsy Academy allows users to learn how to use the tool on their own. Short videos in tutorial format are available online, allowing you to get to know the CRM.

However, there is a small problem with the international customer service, which is often criticized for being less efficient. If you have sales teams in multiple markets, it’s important to keep this in mind.

Salesdorado’s opinion
The customer support is easily reachable by email or chatbot. In French, you should have no problem finding solutions to move forward.

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Customer reviews of Sellsy

On G2, Sellsy has an average score of 3.4 out of 5. On the other hand, on Capterra, the note is 4.4 / 5, making this software an excellent tool to turn to.

  • Very complete tool (Sales, Marketing and Administrative): “It is definitely an all-in-one software that does everything I need. It is easy to use and intuitive. It has excellent statistics and analysis. It helps our sales and marketing team tremendously.”
  • French-speaking and responsive support: “I have to mention the customer relations team first, as they have been incredibly helpful and responsive.”
  • Fits well with any business: “I really like it for my business: easy, powerful and really useful, it’s a must!”
  • No free plans: Sellsy does not offer any free plans. However, 15 days are offered at the time of registration.
  • International support “Support is only provided during business hours in the United States? But Sellsy is based in France? Companies that want the English version of Sellsy that reside in Europe, the Middle East and Africa should not have to stay up late at night to receive support for a product made in Europe.”
  • Stability: “We have reported many bugs in the software. Some of them, in basic functions like importing prices from a CSV file.”

Sellsy’s rates

Thinking of trying Sellsy? The CRM does not offer a free plan. However, no matter which payment option you choose, you’ll get 15 days free.

At Sellsy, all subscriptions commit you to 12 months, and are available for 2 users or more. You can still opt for monthly payment if you want to optimize your cash flow over the year, but you save 2 months if you opt for annual payment.

Sellsy’s pricing structure works in two ways, depending on whether you want to use only the CRM / prospecting suite, only the billing and management suite, or both.

Then, the rates are mainly declined according to the level of support & the volume of use:

  • The Essentials plan gives you access to 2 sales pipelines, product catalog management and up to 10 custom fields for segmenting your customer file. From €49 per month per user for the CRM suite (prospecting and sales + invoicing and management). Count €29 per month per user for the prospecting & sales solution alone, and €39 per month per user for the invoicing & management solution alone.
  • The Advanced plan is better suited to SMEs with larger operations, with up to 20 pipelines, 50 custom fields, 200 electronic signature credits per year, and telephone + chat customer support. From €79 per user per month for both suites on an annual payment basis. 45€ per user per month for the sales tool alone, and 59€ per user per month for the management tool alone
  • The Enterprise Planmore suitable for larger SMEs and ETIs, accessible by demo only, with unlimited access levels, unlimited pipelines, unlimited automated reminder plans, etc. €99 per user per month for annual payment if you opt for the complete CRM suite – or €69 and €79 respectively for the sales suite and the management suite only.

Sellsy’s cash management add-on

Sellsy also offers a cash management add-on. The tool synchronizes with your bank accounts, so you can monitor your cash flow precisely over time. You can edit scenarios, import sales and purchase receipts, in short – centralize all business activity in one place. The Starter plan costs €65 ex-VAT per month, the Pro plan €99 per month, and the Business plan €159 per month. Here too, an annual commitment is required, but payment can be made monthly.

Salesdorado’s opinion
A rather high positioning, justified by its significant functional depth: Sellsy is a comprehensive tool that allows you to structure your entire management and sales approach.

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