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Selection of 18 super apps on the HubSpot marketplace

Published , Updated 9 mn
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The HubSpot marketplace offers over 1,600 applications to complement and enrich HubSpot’s tools. Free or paid, HubSpot’s apps make it easy to add functionality without the need for advanced technical skills. There are HubSpot applications of all kinds, whether for CRM, marketing, customer service, finance, analytics or productivity.

We’ve selected 18 of the best HubSpot apps on the marketplace. There’s something for every taste and need. Enjoy your discoveries!

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#1 Zapier

Zapier helps you connect your favorite applications to HubSpot in just a few clicks, without having to write a single line of code.

Before Zapier,automating repetitivetasks between different applications required complex and costly integrations. With Zapier, you can create “Zaps” that automate data transfer between HubSpot and other services like Gmail, Slack or Google Sheets. This saves valuable time and optimizes marketing, sales and customer service processes.

  • You can use Zapier free of charge for up to 100 jobs per month.
  • The Professional package at $19.99 per month offers 750 tasks per month.

Similar HubSpot applications: Make,

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#2 Slack

Slack is an internal messaging application dedicated to collaborative working. It’s one of the most popular collaborative platforms on the market. Thanks to integration with HubSpot, you can receive notifications about new form submissions, tasks, and tickets directly in Slack. This eliminates the need to switch between the two applications and keeps teams informed in real time.

Slack also lets you create dedicated channels for different teams or projects, facilitating communication and collaboration.

  • A 14-day free trial is available.
  • The Pro plan starts at $6.75/month per user.
  • For advanced features such as third-party integrations and guest management, the Business plan is $11.75/month per user.

Similar HubSpot applications: Microsoft Teams, Flock.

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#3 LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a super-useful tool for B2B prospecting on the world’s leading professional social network. Integration with HubSpot gives you access to detailed prospect information directly in your CRM. You can use LinkedIn data to enrich your leads’ profiles, access personalized recommendations and send InMail messages without leaving HubSpot.

The application allows you to :

  • Search for prospects with advanced filters.
  • Receive lead and account referrals.
  • Monitor prospect and customer updates.
  • A free 30-day trial is available.
  • Pay-as-you-go packages start at $79.33/month.

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#4 Typeform

Typeform makes it easy to create forms and surveys. Integration with HubSpot enables automatic synchronization of collected data, improving lead management and user segmentation. Typeform offers highly advanced and intuitive options for personalizing your collection forms and making them more engaging. It’s one of the leading applications in this category.

The application allows you to :

  • Create highly personalized forms and surveys.
  • Integrate collected data directly into HubSpot.
  • Analyze form results for detailed insights.
  • You can use Typeform free of charge for basic functionality.
  • Paid plans start at $21/month and give access to advanced features.

Similar HubSpot applications: SurveyMonkey, Google Forms.

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#5 Gmail

Gmail integrates seamlessly with HubSpot. The integration allows users to manage their Gmail emails directly from HubSpot CRM. It synchronizes email communications, calendars and contacts. In particular, the application lets you track opens and clicks on sent emails, create tasks and events in HubSpot from Gmail…

Gmail is free, with additional storage options available via Google Workspace from $8.99/month per user.

Similar HubSpot applications: Outlook, Yahoo Mail.

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#6 GeoMapper

GeoMapper is an application that lets you visualize your HubSpot data on an interactive map. This is particularly useful for sales teams who want to optimize their customer visits and better understand the geographical distribution of their prospects.

The application allows you to :

  • Display HubSpot contacts, companies and transactions on a map.
  • Filter and segment geographic data.
  • Plan visit itineraries for field teams.
  • GeoMapper offers a free version for access to basic functions.
  • Paid plans start at $52/month and give access to advanced features such as segmentation and route planning.

Similar HubSpot applications: Badger Maps, Maptive.

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#7 Calendly

Calendly simplifies the scheduling of meetings by synchronizing them directly with HubSpot (and vice-versa). With this integration, you can automate appointment scheduling and improve your efficiency without the usual back and forth to set a date.

The application allows you to :

  • Schedule meetings without calendar conflicts.
  • Send automatic confirmations and reminders.
  • Integrate scheduled meetings into HubSpot CRM.
  • Calendly offers a free map.
  • The Standard plan is $10/month per user.

Similar HubSpot applications: Acuity Scheduling, Setmore.

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#8 LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn Ads is the service designed to manage and optimize your advertising campaigns on LinkedIn. The application lets you manage your LinkedIn Ads campaigns directly from HubSpot.

The application allows you to :

  • Create and manage LinkedIn advertising campaigns from HubSpot.
  • Track ad performance in real time.
  • Integrate generated leads directly into HubSpot for simplified follow-up.
  • Rates vary according to advertising budgets and targeting options.

Similar HubSpot applications: Facebook Ads, Google Ads.

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#9 Aircall

Aircall is a cloud telephony solution for managing customer calls. With the Aircall application, you can manage your incoming and outgoing calls directly from HubSpot, while keeping track of all interactions. To find out more, read our Aircall review.

The application allows you to :

  • Make and receive calls directly in HubSpot.
  • Record and transcribe calls to analyze and exploit call data.
  • Automate post-call tasks, such as adding notes or creating tasks.
  • Aircall offers a 7-day free trial. Paid packages start at $30/month per license (with a minimum usage of 3 licenses, i.e. $90/month).

Similar HubSpot applications: RingCentral, Dialpad.

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#10 Google Sheets

Google Sheets is the cloud-based, collaborative equivalent of Excel. The integration of Google Sheets and HubSpot allows you to synchronize your HubSpot data with Google Sheets.

In particular, the application allows you to :

  • Export HubSpot data to Google Sheets automatically.
  • Update spreadsheets in real time with HubSpot data.
  • Create customized reports and business dashboards.
  • Google Sheets is free.

Similar HubSpot applications: Excel Online, Airtable.

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#11 Canva

Canva is a no-code graphic design tool that lets you create professional visuals in just a few minutes. Canva has become very popular (but hated by graphic designers!) thanks to its ease of use and the many templates and features it offers. The integration allows you to access your Canva creations directly in HubSpot, making it easier to use them in your marketing campaigns.

Thanks to this integration, you can :

  • Create visuals for social networks, emails and blogs.
  • Access Canva designs from HubSpot for direct use.
  • Canva offers a free map. Paid plans, from $110 per year, give access to more templates and more editing and collaboration features.

Similar HubSpot applications: Adobe Spark, Visme.

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#12 PandaDoc

PandaDoc is a complete document management solution, ideal for creating, sending and tracking sales proposals, contracts and other commercial documents. With HubSpot integration, you can generate documents in Pandadoc using information from your CRM, and synchronize these documents in HubSpot.

The application allows you to :

  • Create professional documents using customizable templates.
  • Send documents for electronic signature.
  • Monitor document status in real time, with notifications for each stage.
  • PandaDoc offers a 14-day free trial. Paid packages start at $19/month per user.

Similar HubSpot applications: DocuSign, HelloSign.

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#13 Tik Tock Today

Tick Tock Today is an application that automatically updates the date on any standard or custom object in HubSpot. This feature simplifies workflows by eliminating the need to build manual workflows for date marking.

What the application can do:

  • Update the date on each record daily.
  • Track the age of contacts, the time remaining on a free trial, etc.
  • Calculate the time elapsed between actions with precision.
  • Tick Tock Today is free for 1 item. Each additional item costs $9/month.

Similar HubSpot applications: Date Tools, Time Tracker.

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Going further

#14 Airtable

Airtable combines the flexibility of a spreadsheet with the power of a database. Integration with HubSpot enables data to be synchronized between the two platforms.

In more detail, the application allows you to :

  • Create customized databases for various needs.
  • Synchronize HubSpot information with Airtable.
  • Use templates for specific projects, such as project management or event planning.
  • Airtable offers a free map. Paid plans start at $20/month per user.

Similar HubSpot applications: Smartsheet, Notion.

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#15 WordPress

WordPress is the most popular and one of the most robust content management systems (CMS) for creating and managing websites. Integration with HubSpot allows you to synchronize data from your WordPress site with your CRM.

With this integration, you can :

  • Capture leads via integrated forms on your WordPress site.
  • Track the activities of your website visitors in HubSpot.
  • Create detailed reports on your site’s performance in HubSpot.
  • WordPress is free.

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#16 Zendesk

Zendesk is a benchmark solution for customer service management. Integration with HubSpot allows you to centralize customer data and track support tickets directly in your HubSpot CRM. It is aimed at companies not using HubSpot’s customer service management software. On this subject, read our Zendesk vs HubSpot Service comparison.

The Zendesk application allows you to :

  • Manage customer support tickets.
  • Track customer interaction history.
  • Analyze support data to improve customer service.
  • Zendesk offers a 30-day free trial. Plans start at $19/month per agent.

Similar HubSpot applications: Freshdesk, Help Scout.

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#17 Databox

Databox is a reporting and analysis tool that lets you track the performance of your teams and campaigns in real time. Thanks to integration with HubSpot, you can create customized dashboards and visualize your KPIs in your HubSpot tools.

Databox offers a free plan. Paid packages start at $49/month.

Similar HubSpot applications: Looker, Klipfolio.

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#18 Stripe

Stripe is an online payment platform designed to facilitate transaction management. Integration with HubSpot enables you to track payments and synchronize financial data with your CRM.

With this integration, you can :

  • Accept online payments via multiple methods.
  • Track transactions and revenues in HubSpot.
  • Automate billing and payment processes.
  • Stripe offers transaction-based pricing, with fees of 1.5% + $0.25 per successful transaction.

Similar Hubspot applications: PayPal, Square.

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Interested in HubSpot? The best way to get a feel for HubSpot’s ecosystem of tools is to dive right in. Schedule a free HubSpot demo today to discover their tools and explore the features that meet your needs.

What is HubSpot’s app marketplace?

The HubSpot marketplace is the platform that enables HubSpot users to discover, purchase and integrate applications and extensions that complement and enhance the functionality of their HubSpot tools. HubSpot, as you probably know, is a software publisher offering a very broad “native” ecosystem: a CRM, a customer service management tool, a marketing platform, a CSM, etc. To find out more, read our review of HubSpot.

All the HubSpot applications featured in this top list serve to enhance the functionality of HubSpot’s native tools. They allow you to connect a wide variety of third-party tools to HubSpot, as you’ve seen in this article. For example, using the LinkedIn Sales Navigator application enables advanced prospecting on LinkedIn, which is not possible natively with HubSpot CRM.

To date, the marketplace provides access to over 1,600 applications in 6 categories: marketing, sales, customer service, productivity, finance and commerce.

You can search and find applications using the search engine available on the marketplace, or by using the filter options: categories, popularity, specific needs, language…

Each application is accompanied by a detailed description, user reviews, screenshots and pricing information. Most HubSpot apps can be integrated directly into your HubSpot tools in just a few clicks from the marketplace, without the need for aHubSpot integrator or agency.

My advice

Read customer reviews to evaluate HubSpot marketplace applications. Each application has dozens, and often hundreds, of reviews, giving you a fairly accurate idea of the application’s quality, strengths and possible limitations.

hubspot applications reviews

All the applications available in the marketplace have undergone a rigorous selection process. For a publisher to publish its application on the HubSpot marketplace, it must :

  • Register for the partner program.
  • Develop the application using HubSpot’s APIs and SDKs, in compliance with HubSpot’s security guidelines and standards.
  • Submit the application to HubSpot. This submission includes application details, screenshots, demo videos and other information to help HubSpot’s team evaluate it. The HubSpot team reviews the application to ensure it meets quality and security criteria. HubSpot may request modifications or improvements before approving the application.

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Interested in HubSpot? The best way to get a feel for HubSpot’s ecosystem of tools is to dive right in. Schedule a free HubSpot demo today to discover their tools and explore the features that meet your needs.

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