Comparison Of Voice Over IP (VOIP) Solutions


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony software that operates over the Internet has several advantages that should be kept in mind when analysing the different solutions and their feature sets:

  • 1. They allow you to increase the efficiency of your cold calling campaigns.
  • 2. They allow for better tracking of calls made in order to better manage marketing pressure (number of emails, calls, SMS, etc.).
  • 3. If you work internationally a lot, this is essential to avoid exorbitant telephone costs.
  • 4. They also avoid the complex & costly installation of a professional telephone system.

Finally, some tools allow you to go as far as managing incoming calls, by adding a "call tracking" module. This allows you to measure & optimise your marketing campaigns much better (by knowing what generatescalls that convert). Many tools have been developed, and the technology itself, which allows calls to be made via the internet, is now very solid. In the majority of cases, the solutions provide equivalent quality calls. However, the prices and functional depth of the solutions vary enormously. 

In addition, integrating your VOIP tool with your B2B CRM can be quite costly & painful. So it's very important to choose well. In this article, we will present you the 4 best online telephony software on the market. First on the list is Aircall, which has become a telephony heavyweight, then Ringover, the darling of startups, Ottspot the Made in France software and, finally, OVH Telecom, which is the behemoth of pro telecoms in France. Enjoy your reading!

#1 Aircall: now a heavyweight in telephony

Aircall is a modern telephony tool for companies looking for a complete call centre solution. Aircall has convinced popular companies such as Blablacar, Frichti and Lydia. You no longer have to set up physical phone lines to develop your dedicated sales or support team. The installation of the entire VoIP system is instantaneous, so you can start connecting with your customers immediately.

With Aircall, it's easy to create inbound and outbound call centers using one centralised system. Your team can conduct phone deals from anywhere in the world. Aircall's desktop or mobile application ensures accessibility and ease of use.

If you use Salesforce, Aircall probably offers the best integration on the market with this CRM software, very easy to set up (less than 15 minutes).

The intuitive interface allows your team members to easily navigate the application. This means they won't miss an opportunity to provide an ideal service to all your customers. All in all, it's a very good product with a great user experience, and with many rich integrations.

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of deployment
  • Many integrations available.


Aircall offers you 3 options depending on your needs:

  • The Essentials plan at €30 per month per user (annual billing). In this plan you will get unlimited incoming calls, more than 50 integrations and APIs, teamwork features, voicemail, click-to-dial and phone support.
  • The second plan is the Professional plan at £50 per month per user (annual billing). You will get all the features of the Essentials plan, plus Salesforce integration, real-time dashboard, advanced statistics, advanced support including a callback queue or a dedicated manager and a 24/7 hotline.
  • Finally, the Custom plan is only available by quotation. You will be entitled to all the features of the Professional plan, plus unlimited outbound calls, personalised onboarding and a service level agreement (SLA). Contact Aircall directly to request a customised quote.

#2 Ringover: the darling of startups


RingOver is a cloud-based phone system that enhances the communication capabilities of any business or organisation, allowing them to use their phones for sales, customer support and internal collaboration. There is no installation required and no additional devices or hardware to purchase and configure.

All communications are done in the cloud, from business calls and follow-ups to appointment confirmations and support. RingOver integrates with popular sales and customer service systems such as Zoho, Salesforce and HubSpot, allowing companies to use all the phone's features directly from their CRM systems.

Potential customers can easily connect and make phone calls to businesses, increasing engagement and easily generating revenue. Ringover is very affordable, even for small businesses.

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of deployment
  • Transparent pricing
  • Accessible to all types of companies, even the smallest.


With Ringover, you can choose between two packages:

  • The Smart plan at €24 per month per user, with no commitment. If you decide to subscribe to this plan, you will have all the essentials to deploy your business telephony with unlimited calls to more than 100 destinations, a switchboard that can be configured online and a call log to track your communications. Note that activation is immediate, no installation is required.
  • The Power package at €49 per month per user, again with no commitment. This is Ringover's advanced solution with unlimited calls to more than 100 destinations, more than 15 CRM integrations, supervision tools as well as statistics and reporting on your calls.
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#3 Ottspot: Made in France


You are a small team and you want a tool that integrates perfectly with the tools of a startup like Slack or Google Suite? Then Ottspot is for you and, moreover, it is a tool made in France. This tool allows your team members to make phone calls via the browser. It's a godsend for all Slack fans.

Whenever Ottspott is integrated with Slack, it creates a local phone number allowing its registered users to call clients or receive phone calls. In addition, if you are busy, you can forward calls to other members of your team.

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of deployment
  • 24-hour customer service


  • The first plan is called Basic and costs €19 per month per user. It is ideal for simple and flexible telephony. You will benefit from an interactive voice server, call forwarding and unlimited incoming calls.
  • The second is the Premium plan at €29 per month per user. It is ideal for sales or support teams. You will get CRM integrations such as Pipedrive or Salesforce, 1 phone number, call recording for inbound and outbound calls or support by phone, chat or email within 3 hours.
  • Finally, you can also subscribe to the Custom package, which is available only on quotation. You will have all the Premium features plus assistance in creating your account, a dedicated account manager, unlimited outgoing calls and custom integrations.

#4 OVH Télécom: the French pro telecom behemoth


If you are looking for a proven solution, OVH Telecom is the one for you. Unlike the other solutions we presented earlier in this article, OVH Telecom allows you to set up a very complex VoIP system with more than 50 employees.

If this is your goal, then forget about the others and trust the real telephony professionals. Indeed, even if the tool is not always very agile, with a customer service that sometimes leaves something to be desired, the functional depth of OVH Telecom is very powerful.

  • Functional depth
  • The most complete solution
  • Customer service is too basic
  • The tool is not very easy to use


  • The VoIP Discovery plan costs €1.19 per month for one line, with no commitment. You can make unlimited calls to landlines in France and in 40 countries. Calls to mobiles are charged at 0.08€HT/min.
  • The VoIP Business plan is priced at €5.99 per month for one line, with no commitment. You will have access to simultaneous calls, call forwarding and a telephone reception. For calls to mobiles, the same rate applies as with the VoIP Discovery plan.
  • Finally, the Entrerprise mobile VoIP plan is included for €17.99 per month for one line. You will have exactly the same features but with unlimited calls to mobiles. Note that in all these plans, the phone rental is offered.
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