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Comparison of the Best VOIP Solutions

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Telephony software that works over the Internet – VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol – offers a number of advantages:

  1. They make your telephone prospecting campaigns more efficient.
  2. They enable us to better track calls made, so we can better manage marketing pressure (number of emails, calls, SMS, etc.).
  3. If you do a lot of international work, this is essential to avoid exorbitant phone charges, even if VOIP tools also charge significant fees per minute for international calls.
  4. They also avoid the complex & costly installation of a professional telephony system.
  5. They allow all incoming calls to be routed to cloud-based queue management software, enabling agents to answer from landlines, cell phones or PCs. Some even add a “call tracking” module to better measure and optimize marketing campaigns.

In this article, we review the 10 main VOIP players: pricing, features, integrations and strengths.

#1 Aircall

Aircall is one of the best telephony tools on the market, and has already been adopted by many companies such as Blablacar, Frichti and Lydia.

It’s a very practical, easy-to-use solution for anyone looking to do without a conventional telephone system. Aircall lets you set up inbound and outbound call centers with a single, centralized system. Sales teams can also make calls in over 100 countries and close deals at lower cost.

Aircall offers a high-quality user experience, an intuitive interface and numerous integrations. If you use Salesforce, Aircall probably offers the best integration on the market with SFDC: the application has an average rating of 4.94 and 96 reviews on the AppExchange!

Aircall also offers integration with Hubspot.

  • Ease of use
  • Numerous integrations
  • Free trial


Aircall offers 3 tariffs:

  • The Essentials plan at €30 per month per user (annual billing). It offers unlimited incoming calls, over 50 integrations and APIs, teamwork features, voicemail, click-to-dial and telephone support.
  • The Professional plan costs €50 per month per user (invoiced annually). It provides access to Salesforce integration, a real-time dashboard, advanced reporting, a dedicated manager and a 24/7 hotline.
  • The Custom plan, only available on request. This plan includes unlimited outgoing calls, personalized onboarding and a service level agreement (SLA).

Try Aircall free of charge

#2 QuickTalk

QuickTalk is a VOIP tool that offers a standard telephone switchboard and lets you benefit from unlimited calls to France and over 30 destinations worldwide in just a few minutes.

QuickTalk lets users set up their own online voice server, and define their own opening hours, record a personalized voice announcement or define rules for distributing calls to team members.

QuickTalk also lets you keep a log of your calls, and even record them. You can also integrate QuickTalk into your e-commerce solution and take advantage of its integration with the Slack collaborative platform.

  • Deployment in 2 minutes
  • Simple, no-obligation rates
  • Voice server creation interface


Quicktalk offers a unique €19/month plan with unlimited calls to 30 countries, greetings and up to 3 users.

You can add additional users for €10 per month per user, and add different phone numbers for €5 per month per number.

Try Quicktalk
Discover QuickTalk, our easy-to-use, no-obligation VOIP solution!

#3 Ringover

Ringover is a multi-channel communication solution (telephone, video, sms, social networks…) that is one of the best tools on the market.

Ringover integrates seamlessly with your CRM or day-to-day customer support tools, such as Zoho, Salesforce or Hubspot. This means you can access your telephony directly in your CRM, and at the same time consult your customer files and record your calls, for example.

Ringover also offers call routing and transfer functionalities to manage your incoming calls and route them to the right people, as well as a whole host of collaboration features to improve your teams’ productivity and evaluate your activity (statistics, agent performance, etc.).

It’s a very affordable solution that I recommend, especially for small businesses!

  • Ease of use
  • 7-day free trial
  • Accessible to all types of company, even the smallest


Ringover offers 3 tariffs:

  • The Smart plan costs €21 per month per user. It offers unlimited calls to over 100 destinations, a configurable switchboard, and a call log to keep track of your communications. The essentials for deploying your business telephony, and all in the blink of an eye!
  • The Business Plan costs €44 per month per user. This plan includes advanced IVR functionalities (smart routing, call groups, queues…), 2 integrations, advanced statistics, etc.
  • The Advanced plan costs €54 per month per user. This is Ringover’s advanced plan for setting up call and voicemail campaigns, taking advantage of 3 integrations and Power Dialer functionality.
Try Ringover free of charge
Ringover offers a free 7-day trial to give you a good idea of the tool’s capabilities.

#4 Brevo Phone

Phone is Brevo ‘s telephony solution that lets you call your contacts at the click of a button. Phone offers a free telephone number linked directly to your account.

In its free version, Phone offers all the classic features of a telephony tool (unlimited outgoing and incoming calls, call history and statistics, contact integration…). If you’re looking for more advanced features, such as call personalization, I’d recommend the Pro subscription.

  • Ease of use
  • Ease of deployment


Phone works with a system of credits, the number of which varies according to your subscription.

  • The free subscription offers 300 unique credits and very ordinary features.
  • The €19 per month per user subscription offers 500 credits per month per user.

Credits are only used when you make outgoing calls. You start to be billed when your contact picks up or when the call is redirected to voicemail. The number of credits used per minute depends on the country you are calling, details are available here. Count 16 credits / minute to call a mobile in France, and between 30 and 60 to call a mobile outside France.

Something to keep in mind

Brevo communicates quite clearly about the fees charged on top of subscriptions, but all VOIP solutions work in the same way.

Try Brevo Phone free of charge
Phone offers a free subscription, so don’t hesitate to discover this easy-to-use solution!

Our opinion on Brevo

#5 Microsoft Teams Phone

Microsoft Teams Phone is the must-have telephony solution on the market, super interactive and designed for seamless collaboration.

It’s a collaborative platform integrated with the Microsoft 365 suite, and offers a very interesting online videoconferencing feature. Teams integrates seamlessly with Office applications such as Word, SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Teams’ VOIP service uses Skype Business, enabling users to start a conversation or call with a Skype user and vice versa. This integration was designed in response to the growing number of collaboration tools, such as Slack, that have dominated the market in recent years.

  • Ease of use
  • Free for Microsoft 365 users
  • File backup and collaboration features


In addition to the free version, Microsoft Teams offers several paid versions for businesses:

  • The Essential version at €3.70 ex VAT per month per user. You’ll have unlimited group meetings (30h maximum), 10GB of online storage space, web and telephone support, and much more.
  • The Basic version at €5.60 ex VAT per month per user. You’ll have access to 1TB of storage space, a professional inbox and built-in security.
  • Standard version at €11.70 ex VAT per month per user. It includes all the Suite’s applications, webinar organization functionality and reporting tools.
  • The Premium version at €20.60 ex VAT per month per user. This plan offers advanced security features, data control and protection against cyberthreats.
Try Microsoft Teams free of charge
Microsoft Teams is free for users of the Microsoft suite, so don’t hesitate to give it a try if you haven’t already!

Going further

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#6 DialPad

DialPad is one of the best VOIP tools for small and medium-sized businesses. Its native voice-intelligence features enhance your teams’ productivity with real-time call transcription and post-call summaries.

DialPad also offers very good call quality and native integrations with G Suite, Office 365, Zendesk and Salesforce.

  • Intuitive interface
  • Ease of deployment
  • Available for all device types
  • Free trial


DialPad offers several plans to take advantage of the full range of voice calling, meeting and messaging functions:

  • The Standard plan costs €20 per month per user. You’ll get unlimited calls, AI-powered call and voicemail transcriptions, analytics and reporting, and integrations with Google Suite and Microsoft Suite.
  • The Pro plan at €25 per month per user. This plan includes 24/7 support, CRM integrations(Salesforce, Zendesk, Hubspot, Zoho, etc.), Microsoft Teams integration, multiple phone numbers per account, and more.
  • The Enterprise plan is available on request. It includes unlimited call groups, integrations with leading single sign-on providers(Okta, OneLogin), Azure AD SSO integration and much more.

DialPad offers several extensions to these plans, including the ability to call additional international numbers ($15/user/month) or local numbers ($5/user/month).

Try DialPad free of charge
DialPad offers a 14-day free trial, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of it or request a demo!

#7 3CX

3CX offers interesting unified communications features. This solution is aimed at companies with advanced needs, but can also meet very simple requirements.

In addition to the classic telephony, live chat, video conferencing and Whatsapp messaging functions, 3CX also offers a TCP/IP connection for organizing conferences and training courses.

You can also easily integrate 3CX with leading third-party CRM applications to improve the efficiency of your sales processes. It’s easy to learn and set up, and configuring your phones and SIP trunks is automatic.

  • Browser-based videoconferencing
  • Integration with standard CRM systems
  • Automatic configuration


3CX offers 4 packages:

  • The free plan, which features a modern switchboard, live chat functionality, team messaging, video conferencing, and a connection to your SIP trunk.
  • The 3CX SMB Small Business Plan, at €175 per year per system for 10 users, €275 for 20 users. This plan offers queuing, multi-level IVR, call reporting, SMS/MMS support and unlimited IP phones.
  • The 3CX Pro plan, at €145 per year per system for 10 users, €265 for 20 users. It offers a local or self-hosted installation option, call recording functionality, CRM and Microsoft 365 integration and Hot Desking.
  • The 3CX Enterprise plan, at €180 per year per system for 10 users, €325 for 20 users. This plan offers customization of your phone’s logo, integration with Teams and a skills-based routing function.
Try 3CX
The free 3CX plan is just 2 clicks away, so don’t hesitate!

#8 GoToConnect

GoToConnect is an all-in-one communications solution designed primarily for SMEs. It’s a flexible, reliable and secure VOIP solution that enables users to enjoy smooth communications.

GoToConnect offers numerous extensions and integrations with your everyday work tools, such as Slack or Salesforce. Now you can customize your call flow with a drag-and-drop dial plan editor. GoToConnect also lets you set up automatic voice responses and receive analyses of your calls.

  • Customization features
  • Easy-to-use solution
  • Numerous integrations


GoToConnect offers two tariffs:

  • A Basic plan from €16 per month per user. This plan allows you to benefit from a simple business telephone system with basic functions for organizing meetings. International calls are billed by the minute.
  • A Standard plan from €26 per month per user. It’s perfect for those who want a fully-equipped system for telephony, chat and videoconferencing. This plan gives you unlimited access to call groups, queues and multi-site support. It allows you to make free international calls to over 50 countries, benefit from real-time analysis and record your calls.
Try GoToConnect
Discover GoToConnect, the all-in-one communications solution for SMEs!

#9 RingCentral

RingCentral is a VOIP solution that includes instant messaging, videoconferencing for up to 500 people and telephony. It’s an interesting solution, with over 300 integrations and features for automating your processes and recurring tasks.

RingCentral also offers 24-hour support, real-time call analysis and automatic call recording.

You can also track all changes made by any user of the phone system. Hot Desking lets users connect to shared phones and share voicemail, extensions and greetings.

  • Quality of assistance
  • Ease of use and deployment
  • Numerous integrations


RingCentral offers 4 different plans for its intelligent telephony solutions:

  • The Essentials plan at €15.99 per month per user. It includes messaging and telephony, and offers 100 free minutes per user, team messaging, call logging and 24-hour customer support.
  • The Standard plan at €22.99 per month per user. This plan includes video conferencing on top and offers 500 free minutes per user, on-demand call recording functionality, the ability to organize conferences with 100 participants, multi-level IVR, reporting and integrations with your daily work tools (Slack, Microsoft 365, Google Workspace).
  • The Premium plan at €28.99 per month per user. It includes 1,000 free minutes per user, automatic call recording, multisite management, and integration with the most popular CRMs.
  • The Ultimate plan at €39.99 per month per user. The plan includes 2,000 free minutes per user, phone status reports and alerts, and unlimited storage space.
Try RingCentral
If you’re looking for a VOIP solution that offers a wide range of integrations and high-quality support, take a look at RingCentral!

#10 CloudTalk

CloudTalk is an attractive VOIP solution that has already been adopted by thousands of businesses.

This solution offers numerous features to simplify the work of your sales and customer support teams. For example, the routing function enables calls to be routed to the most appropriate person to answer the customer’s request.

You can also convert calls to text using voice recognition, or redirect incoming calls when one of your agents is busy. CloudTalk also offers integrations with your CRM and daily support software.

  • International calls to over 70 countries
  • Real-time customer card
  • Integration with external tools


CloudTalk offers 4 tariffs:

  • The Starter plan at €25 per month per user. It includes unlimited inbound and intra-company calls, automatic call distribution and unlimited call queuing.
  • The Essential plan at €30 per month per user. It offers advanced statistics, a real-time customer dashboard, integrations, routing functionality, SMS messages and intelligent queuing.
  • The Expert plan costs €50 per month per user. The plan includes sales team integration, call supervision, wallboards, single sign-on (SSO) and SQL export functionality.
  • Custom plan on request. It offers customized integration features, unlimited outbound calls, developer support, customized reporting and SLA.
Try CloudTalk
CloudTalk has already been adopted by many companies like Revolut, so don’t hesitate to discover its many features!

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