Top 10 Customer Support Software

Good customer support software should enable your teams to provide the right answer, in the right place, as quickly as possible to all your customers' questions.

We have reviewed about thirty customer support software to build this comparison. We have retained 11 complete solutions that we compare in detail. They include both front-office features (customer communication) and back-office features (ticket resolution and collaboration).

We also added 3 more specific solutions, for social networks, telephony, and the creation of documentation.

Solution Ideal for Highlights Rates Website
Ideal for all SMEs and VSEs B2B
❤️ F avorite
  • The leader in the segment
  • Easy to use
  • Functional depth
  • Free trial: 14 days
  • Entry fee: 19€ / user / month
  • Maximum price: 99€ / user / month
Ideal for small, highly digital teams
  • Ease of use
  • Gamification
  • Automation
  • Free trial: 21 days
  • Entrance fee: Free map available
  • Maximum price: 99€ / user / month
Ideal for Pipedrive users
  • Very light and easy to set up
  • Many very good integrations
  • Excellent live chat module
  • Free trial: 14 days
  • Entrance fee: Free map available
  • Maximum price: 44€ / user / month
Ideal for those looking for a free solution to get started
  • Complete sales & marketing ecosystem
  • Free accessible map
  • Connectivity with the CRM of the same name
  • Free trial: Yes
  • Entrance fee: Free map available
  • Maximum price: 110€ / user / month
Ideal for Salesforce users
  • Automation features
  • Functional depth
  • Connectivity with the CRM of the same name
  • Free trial: On request
  • Entrance fee: 25€ / user / month
  • Maximum price: 300€ / user / month
Ideal for email-first support processes
  • Collaboration features
  • User experience of agents
  • Very light and easy to set up
  • Free trial: On request
  • Entry fee: 38€ / month (2 users included)
  • Maximum price: 99€ / user / month
Ideal for those who want a low-cost solution
  • The prices
  • Functional depth
  • The possibility of installing it on-premise
  • Free trial: 21 days
  • Entry fee: $19 / user / month
  • Maximum price: $19 / user / month
Ideal for those who want a credible alternative to Zendesk
  • One of the best value for money
  • Ease of use and experience of agents
  • Functional depth
  • Free trial: 15 days
  • Entrance fee: 25$ / user / month
  • Maximum price: 40$ / user / month
Ideal for B2B SaaS
  • Excellent communication management
  • Super easy integration
  • Automation & automated responses
  • Free trial: 14 days
  • Entrance fee: 74$ / month (2 users included)
  • Maximum price: On request
Ideal for larger b2b support teams
  • User experience of agents
  • Ticket allocation
  • Managing user levels
  • Free trial: No
  • Entry fee: $39 / user / month
  • Maximum price: 4999$ / month (unlimited users)
Ideal for larger b2b support teams
  • Multiplicity of managed channels
  • Automation features
  • Reporting
  • Free trial: No
  • Entry fee: $89 / user / month
  • Maximum price: $139 / user / month

Choosing the right software in 6 questions

All support software includes ticket management, collaboration and customer communication features. But in detail, here are some tips for identifying the 2 or 3 software packages that will best fit your existing processes.

#1 What type of support is expected by your customers?

Do your customers need advice and best practices or very technical, precise and concrete support? Are they able to find the answer on their own or do they need to interact with a support agent?

#2 Which channels do you want to communicate on?

Live chat lends itself well to micro queries that can be resolved in a few quick exchanges. Email or the ticketing portal are more suitable for more complex queries. Telephony is also an option, and only certain software can really manage it. Are social networks an important source of customer communication? Is Whatsapp a suitable channel for your customers?

#3 How do you organize the response to a customer question?

Automated distribution ensures that incoming requests are always routed to the right department. It also ensures that all requests are answered. If you need complex rules (expertise, languages, ...), turn to established solutions like Zendesk or Salesforce Service

#4 What do you want to automate, and how?

Beware of gimmicky automation, but the suggestion of articles or answers, whether on the agent or client side, is a real performance lever.

#5 How can you enable your customers to find the answer themselves?

Calling support is often a waste of time, customers are looking for speed. Put your best foot forward with FAQs, forums or chatbots. Having a knowledge base with all processes explained can save you time.

#6 How will you integrate the software into your data ecosystem?

Make sure that the system you choose has active integrations with the tools you like to use on a daily basis, especially those related to customer data: commercial CRM and marketing automation tools.

#1 Zendesk: The established leader in customer service software

Zendesk is the must-have customer service software. It has been the leader in help desk software for several years and includes many automation features (macro), top-notch reporting, impressive multi-channel management (email, live chat, etc.) and a solid knowledge base management. Zendesk now integrates a CRM as well with Zendesk Sell.

For basic support, 3 offers are available: the Team offer at 19€/agent/month, the Professional offer at 49€/agent/month and the Enterprise offer at 99€/agent/month.

For a complete customer service software, Zendesk offers you a 14-day free trial to choose one of the 5 offers:

  • Team Suite at 49€/agent/month: This pack includes basic functions such as a contact form allowing an unlimited number of email addresses, attachments to tickets, automatic translation...
  • Growth Suite €79/agent/month: The offer includes 5 available help centres, which can respond in more than 40 languages, and the presence of 100 chatbots, compared to 50 for the Team Suite.
  • Suite Professional 99€/agent/month : This suite offers you to group your agents in more than 50 services, against 2 for the previous offers, a routing based on skills, possibilities of teleconferences, listening of the calls by the managers...
  • Enterprise Suite 150€/agent/month: this offer mainly offers more than 1000 bots, more storable data and more automation.
  • Custom Edition 215€/agent/month: Customised offer to be discussed with Zendesk.

For a complete "full featured" service, including 10 agents and all the features, count on 1 500€ per month! Website and support available in French.

Try Zendesk for free

Zendesk offers a free 14-day trial to get an idea of the tool's capabilities.

#2 Freshdesk: The customer support software with a good mobile version

Freshdesk is part of the FreshWorks suite. The software is fast, simple and robust. It is a good solution, especially for small, highly digital teams, as it offers automation from the very first offer.

You can try the paid versions of Freshdesk for free for 21 days before selecting one of the following offers:

  • Growth Omnichannel for 29€/agent/month: 2000 bots and automation among others.
  • Pro Omnichannel for 59€/agent/month: 3000 bots, possibility to extend the API limits.
  • Enterprise Omnichannel for 99€/agent/month: 5000 bots, voicebot, email bots.
  • Full featured solution: 990€/month.

The site and support are not yet available in French.

Try Freshdesk for free

You have 21 days to test Freshdesk for free!

#3 LiveAgent: The leader in live chat support

LiveAgent is software built to manage customer service via live chat exclusively. It has become a complete solution with social networking, telephone, and ticketing systems to orchestrate your customer interactions. The software is very e-commerce oriented in its integrations, LiveAgent works well with Pipedrive for example.

LiveAgent offers a limited free version, but with the possibility to create a customer forum. You have a free 14-day trial to try the other offers:

  • Ticket for 13€/agent/month: Unlimited ticket history, unlimited number of email addresses, API, integration...
  • Ticket+Chat for 25€/agent/month: Unlimited number of chat buttons, social network integration, satisfaction surveys...
  • All-Inclusive for €44/agent/month: Support via call centre and video calls, among other things.
  • Full-featured service: 440€/month

Software available in French

Try LiveAgent for free

Choose the offer that suits you best after a 14-day trial.

#4 Hubspot Service Hub: The free customer support software from the Hubspot suite

Hubspot Service Hub offers very useful features such as ticket & live chat management, even in the free version. In its offerings, the software offers automatic ticket routing and automation of many features.

The software offers a free plan and 3 offers without a trial period:

  • Starter at €41/month: simple automation, multiple ticket pipeline, conversation transfer...
  • Pro at 331€/month: unfortunately, it is only with this offer that you have access to a knowledge base. Fortunately, there are solutions dedicated to the creation of a knowledge base such as HelpDocs.
  • Enterprise at €1104/month: This full-featured offer adds conversational guides and improved team management.

Website and support available in French.

Try Hubspot Service Hub
Take a look at Hubspot Service Hub to select your offer!

#5 Salesforce Service Cloud: Salesforce's customer support tool

Salesforce Service Cloud is a very powerful software. For example, it allows all customer data to be used with the powerful AI tools of the Salesforce suite. The downside is that the prices are quite high.

Salesforce offers a free one month trial to familiarise yourself with the solution. Offers are negotiable and customised, but will not be less than €25/agent/month.

Software available in French.

Try Salesforce Service Cloud for free

Take advantage of a free one-month trial before requesting a quote.

#6 FrontApp: If you manage customer support by email only

FrontApp is a specialised tool for managing incoming emails. The software turns your email into a helpdesk to provide even more personalised customer support. It is super easy to use and will save you a lot of time.

Three packages are available without the free version:

  • Starter for $19/agent/month: connecting your emails and social networks to Front, some integrations possible.
  • Bonus for $49/agent/month: unlimited integrations, ability to collect lots of data.
  • Enterprise on quotation: Tailor-made offer adapted to your needs.
  • Full featured service: 490$/month.

Software available in French, not support.

Try FrontApp

Choose one of the FrontApp packages for your customer support!

#7 Helpspot: A great customer service solution with a free version

Helpspot is a complete ticketing suite like Zendesk with reporting, inbound ticket management and more or less automated ticket allocation. The advantage is that there is a lot of unlimited functionality, with 0 hidden costs. It is also possible to host the software yourself (on-premise).

It is possible to test the software for 21 days for free. The one-time offer costs 11$/month and only 1 299$/year for 10 agents.

The site and support are not yet available in French.

Try Helpspot for free

Helpspot offers a free 21-day trial to test the solution.

#8 Help Scout: The software for the largest customer support teams

Help Scout is the super-fast-to-adopt and easy-to-use software. It offers an aggregation of all customer history in the interface, as well as a customer feedback tool (forms, pop-ups) to engage in conversation with your customers.

Help Scout offers free 15-day trials to choose between 3 offers:

  • Standard for 20$/agent/month: 2 mailboxes, maximum 25 agents.
  • Plus for $35/agent/month: 5 mailboxes, unlimited agents,
  • Company for $60/agent/month: unlimited package with the most advanced features.
  • Full featured service: $600/month.

The site and support are not yet available in French.

Try Help Scout for free

Choose a Help Scout offer after testing it for free for 15 days!

#9 Intercom: The all-in-one client communications software

Intercom is more of a pure marketing automation / customer communication tool, but it is so complete that it is not uncommon to use it as a customer service software. The software allows you to set up a live chat, to offer intelligent contextual messages to your customers, and to build a knowledge base.

Tailor-made rates after a free trial.

Website and support available in French.

Try Intercom for free

A great classic for B2B SaaS (Software as a Service), this is a super powerful tool that really allows you to manage all your customer relationships

#10 Happy Fox: A comprehensive helpdesk

Happy Fox is a full-featured helpdesk with all the key features: ticket management and multi-channel ticket creation, knowledge base, customer feedback, automation and reporting. Bonus point: we love the full integration with Slack.

There are 4 offers available, each with a 30-minute demo:

  • Mighty for $29/agent/month: reporting, automation, knowledge base.
  • Fantastic for $49/agent/month: add satisfaction questionnaires, ticket queue mainly.
  • Enterprise for $69/agent/month: full task management, enhanced reporting...
  • Enterprise Plus for $89/agent/month: 24/7 omnichannel support.
  • Full service: $890/month

Available in French from the Fantastic offer.

Try Happy Fox

Request a free demo of Happy Fox.

#11 Kustomer : The omni-channel customer support tool

Kustomer is a tool for customer support on all channels: live chat, social networks, emails and forms on your website, calls and SMS. The software is very complete, and allows you to boost the performance of your customer service teams.

2 offers are available without a free trial:

  • Enterprise for $89/agent/month: all channels, integration, 5 languages supported, satisfaction survey...
  • Ultimate for $139/agent/month: everything in the previous offer + other options such as real-time agent auditing, API extension...
  • Full featured service: $1390/month

Software available in French, not support.

Try Kustomer

Choose your Kustomer offer!

#12 Social Sprout: If you manage customer support on social networks only

Sprout Social is a social media management platform to transform your organisation. The software is very useful to convert your customer interactions on social networks into an opportunity to communicate your brand.

You can test Sprout for free for 1 month before choosing one of the three offers:

  • Standard for $89/agent/month: 5 social network accounts, social network advertising tools, all-in-one inbox
  • Professional for $149/agent/month: 10 possible accounts, competitive analysis of platforms, planning of shipments.
  • Advanced for $249/agent/month: 10 possible accounts, peak activity alerts, chatbot.
  • Full featured service: 2390$/month.

Software available in French, support in English.

Try Sprout Social for free

Take advantage of the free Sprout Social month!

#13 Aircall: If you manage customer support by phone only

Aircall is a VOIP (voice over IP) software that allows to manage incoming calls with a queue and allocation to available agents for example. It has all the essential features for sales and customer support teams who handle a large number of calls every day.

3 offers are available after a free 7-day trial:

  • Essentials for €30/agent/month: unlimited incoming calls, 1000 min national outgoing calls/agent/month, sending and receiving of SMS, possible integrations.
  • Professional for €50/agent/month: unlimited national inbound and outbound calls, Salesforce integration, real-time dashboard
  • Custom on quotation: Unlimited international calls, personalised statistics.
  • Full featured service: €500/month

Software available in French, including support.

Try Aircall for free
You have 7 days free of charge before choosing your offer.

#14 HelpDocs: Software dedicated to the creation of a knowledge base

HelpDocs is the specialist software for creating knowledge bases. It is a real CMS (Content Management System) with really well thought-out search features.

After a 14-day free trial, there are 3 possible options:

  • Start for 40€/month: maximum 5 accounts, usage statistics available for one month, limited integrations.
  • Build for 80€/month: maximum 15 accounts, 3 months statistics, multilingual support
  • Grow for 160€/month : maximum 50 accounts, 6 months statistics, HTML templates...
  • Full featured service: 1600 €/month.

Software available in French, support in English.

Try Help docs for free

Choose one of the 3 formulas after a 14-day test.

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