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project management training

There are different types of project management training, both in form and in content: some remain very general, especially for beginners in the field, while others will specialize in a particular aspect (project risk management, technology project management, etc.).

In terms of form, you can choose the training that suits you best, whether it is face-to-face or online, and especially the number of hours you can devote to it.

Find in this article all our advices to choose your project management training!

Top 10 project management courses

#1 Mastering the keys to project management, the perfect introduction, by Orsys

orsys project management1

This is a generalist course, intended for anyone who wants to learn about project management. It lasts 7 hours in total, only online, but with a dedicated tutor who accompanies you at each stage of the course.

It is composed of several modules that each teach a phase of your project management, from its definition to its management. At the end of each module, you have quizzes and exercises to train yourself. It is a general training but it will allow you to optimize your project management tools later on.


  • Rate: 540 euros (decreasing rate if several learners)
  • 7h, online training
  • Unlimited access to videos for one year

Discover the training

This Orsys training is a perfect introduction to project management!

#2 Excelling as a project manager, certification training modules by Cegos

cegos project management

This training is intended for project managers who are already working or who have some experience. It is a really complete training that allows you to obtain certifications if you wish (in which case you must pass an evaluation at the end of the training).

It is a 70-hour training course composed of various modules, from agile project management with the SCRUM method to leadership development for a project manager. It is divided into five meetings over five months.


  • Price : 5 185 euros
  • 70 hours over 5 months, online or face-to-face training

Discover the training

Discover the different certification modules of this Cegos training!

#3 Project management: advanced, by Unow

unow project management

The idea of this training is to teach your teams about project management. Led by Rémi Bachelet, professor at Centrale Lille and Guillaume Laurie, organization consultant, this training is aimed at managers who already have experience in project management.

It is divided into several thematic modules (rather than chronological) with practical activities at the end of each module: building a specification, building a Gantt chart (in case of multi-projects), with a final exam. This can give you a real boost if your teams use Gantt software.


  • Rate: 890 euros (sliding scale)
  • 12 hours over 4 weeks, online training
  • CPF eligible

Discover the training

This Unow training is rather oriented towards managers or those who already have experience in project management.

#4 Management of Technological Innovation, the most complete training by Ecole Polytechnique

This training, provided by one of the most prestigious French schools, is primarily intended for professionals in the innovation and technology sector who have at least three years of professional experience in the field.

This R&D-oriented training course teaches you how to manage emerging technologies in order to turn them into a lever for creating value for your company, or even to turn them into breakthrough innovations.


  • Price : 6000 euros
  • 40h over 4 weeks, online training

Discover the training

Polytechnique offers a project management program with a strong focus on technological innovation.

#5 Project Management and Transformation, EM Lyon's full package

emlyon project management

This training, also offered by a major business school, offers a fairly theoretical and dense content intended for professionals with at least 3 years of experience.

It is based on two axes that aim to adapt management to the dynamics of a project while using the latter as a vector of behavioral transformation.


  • Price : 4300 euros
  • 7.5 days over 3 months, face-to-face training

Discover the training

Find out about project management training at a leading business school!

#6 Kanban: improve and streamline the coordination of a project, express training by Orsys

orsys project management

This training is probably the most express of this top: lasting 1h30, it is specifically targeted at those who wish to progress in the Kanban method, especially in the IT products sector.

It is also the cheapest of this top: it is an online training based on self-learning, even if you can choose the tutoring option. It is accessible to everyone, without any prior knowledge. For SMEs and start-ups that do not necessarily have the means to invest in training, it is ideal as a complement tofree project management tools.


  • Price : 30 euros
  • 1h30, online training
  • Unlimited access to videos for 1 year

Discover the training

This express training is intended primarily for those who prefer the Kanban method!

#7 Agile Project Management, the agile and Scrum oriented training, by Unow

unow project management

This training allows to understand the agile approach and in particular Scrum. It is led by Florent Lothon, founder of the website, and is aimed at anyone who wants to know more about agile project management, regardless of the sector.

This online training is spread over 4 modules and a final exam, which approach the agile method and Scrum from different angles and explain how to manage agile projects.


  • Price : 890 euros
  • 12h in 4 modules, online training
  • CPF eligible

Discover the training

Unow offers training in agile project management, with a focus on the Scrum method.

Going further

This training can be a very good complement if you use the Jira software, specialized in the Agile method:

#8 Risk and opportunity management in projects, by Cegos

cegos project management

This training is intended for all those who are involved in project management and who wish to focus on risk management in their projects, whether they are internal or not, technical or economic, etc.

The course lasts 14 hours and is composed of 7 modules whose objective is to teach you how to manage these risks and even transform them into opportunities.


  • Price : 1455 euros
  • 14h over 2 days
  • Online or face-to-face training

Discover the training

This course is perfect for those who want to focus on the risks and opportunities in project management.

#9 Project Management (C-Certif OPCO Atlas), the certification training by Actinuum

actinuum project management

This training is actually a pack of five certification courses in a hybrid format according to your needs: some of them focus more on theory than practice (and vice versa), and they can last from 12 to 35 hours, in person or by distance learning.

Some are accessible to project management novices but others require at least 3 years of professional experience in the field. In the package, 3 courses are specifically focused on the preparation of PMP or Prince 2 type certifications.


  • Price : from 7303€ for the 5 training courses pack
  • From 12 to 35 hours, online or face to face training
  • CPF eligible

Discover the training

Actinuum offers an ultra complete pack of 5 training courses, all of which are certified.

#10 The 7 key tools of the casual project manager, by EFE

efe project management

This 14-hour training course is intended for all audiences, especially those who are new to project management. The idea is to give the tools of project management to all members of a company because they may be confronted with it one day or another in their professional life. Gone are the todo list applications and time tracking tools of all kinds, we discover the real complete project management software

This course covers all the key tools to manage a project from start to finish when you are a beginner. It is composed of 7 modules, at a distance or in person. It is an ideal course for project management novices, who are initially trying out planning tools rather than more complex project management tools.


  • Price : 1420 euros
  • 14h over 2 days
  • Online or face-to-face training

Discover the training

Discover project management with this training for beginners!

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