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Our selection of the best generative AI tools

Published , Updated 12 mn
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When we saw ChatGPT on the evening news, we said to ourselves that we had to do an article on the subject. Even if the hype is far greater than the value created by real use cases, ChatGPT has resulted in an explosion of tools of all kinds that promise to profoundly change the way we work.

Writing this article is not really part of it, no matter what SEO agencies say. For the moment?

But the market has become somewhat convinced that you have to learn how to work with generative AI, and it’s better to get started sooner rather than later.

In this article we have collected a selection of about 15 tools that use GPT-3 to generate images, videos, sound, text, excel formulas, SQL queries, etc.

What is generative AI, and why is it making so much noise?


It’s hard to start this article without defining generative AI: the term refers to Machine Learning algorithms (which is a form of AI) that use existing content (text only for now) to generate new content.

If we’ve been talking about it a lot lately, it’s because ChatGPT offers a very simple and accessible interface that promises to profoundly change our search habits. ChatGPT is a free chat interface developed by Open AI based on the GPT-3 model.

Google is in a bit of a panic over the success of Open AI. They did try to respond with the announcement of Bard, their generative AI model – which is not freely available. It’s a bit of a panic announcement to mitigate the stock market collapse.

The GPT Chat “wave” has definitely changed something, and even if most of the tools that try to surf on the sudden interest for AI will probably disappear in 6 months, some really interesting use cases are emerging, and promise to change our working methods for good

What is GPT-3?

GPT-3 is a machine learning model developed by Open AI that is used by most of the tools in this list. For your information, GPT-3 is online and has been used by many tools for several years. For example, Copy AI, the most famous tool on the subject was created in 2020. We’ll talk about it at the end of this article, but GPT-4 is due to be released soon, and even if the rumors contradict each other, it promises to be very disruptive.

Our top 16 generative AI tools

#1 GPT Chat

The conversational interface developed by Open AI

open ai chatgptChatGPT is a chatbot and text generator that can be used for different purposes: writing a text on a subject, an email as if it was you who had written it, writing a summary from different information, etc. For now, ChatGPT is free to get feedback from users but a paid version is available.

chatGPT conversation

We talk a lot about GPT Chat but there are some conversational AI alternatives: YouChat for example, which has the merit of displaying its sources, but also Chatsonic, which also responds to voice commands and can answer you verbally but which is not free.

If you use , Magic Write is their conversational tool that allows you to integrate 25 queries into your presentations for free.

Try Chat GPT for free

You get $18 of free credits to use during your first 3 months of use!

#2 DALL – E

Image Generating AI by Open AI

dall-e research

Here again a tool developed by Open AI that allows to generate realistic images from a textual description. Even better, the tool can edit your photos according to your descriptions. You have 15 free credits per month, or 15 requests to the tool.

Among its credible alternatives, we find open source tools like Midjourney: by joining their Discord group, you are entitled to 25 requests per month.

For Canva users, you also have free access to ).

Try DALL – E for free

Find out how to generate images for free using generative AI!

#3 SlidesAI

To generate Google Slides or Powerpoint presentations

slidesai landing page

From a text or a document, SlidesAI is an open source tool that provides you with an outline and a Google Slide or Powerpoint presentation. It’s very simple to use: you enter a text in the application, you choose some customization parameters and SlidesAI generates a presentation.

Where they are very strong is that there are currently no credible alternatives to SlidesAI. Fortunately, SlidesAI offers a free version that allows you to make 3 presentations per month, ideal for your business proposals. Beyond that, the Pro plan is 9.55 euros/month.

Try SlidesAI for free

SlidesAI allows you to generate 3 free presentations per month!

#4 Excel Formula Bot

To generate Excel or Google Sheets formulas

excel formula bot landing page

Something to save the traumatized of Excel: from a text, the Excel Formula Bot application automatically generates your Excel formulas. Also compatible with Google Sheets, you enter a statement and the tool outputs a formula.

It also offers to explain the Excel formulas that you do not understand. Again, the tool is free for 5 formulas per month, the paid plan is $6.99/month.

There are many very similar alternatives, which vary only in price: FormulaBuddy, for example, offers 10 free formulas per month, offers a paid plan for $2.49/month, and Genius Sheets offers 20 free formulas per month.

Good to know: if you are already using ChatGPT, you can actually ask it directly for the formulas you want to obtain in Excel.

Try Excel formula bot for free

You can generate 5 formulas per month for free with Excel Formula Bot.

#5 Copy AI

Generate text from text

copy ai landing page We talked about it in our best Chrome extensions, but Copy AI is a tool that allows you to improve your texts – blog articles, campaign emails, social media posts – by making them more engaging.

The most? With the Chrome extension, you can also analyze the content of your website to see how to improve it.

CopyAI offers a list of alternatives:, which offers the same advanced features but at higher prices, or Rytr, which offers a pro plan for $9/month, thus more suitable for small budgets.

An interesting alternative can be, which was thought for e-commerce companies and therefore offers many integrations especially with Shopify. It is also more suitable for large teams as it allows to share documents directly.

CopyAI is free up to 2000 words per month. Then, the Pro plan is $36/month.

Try Copy AI for free

CopyAI allows you to create engaging texts for free up to 2000 words per month.

#6 Supermeme

The generator of meme

superme landing page

We can only recommend Supermeme, an AI tool that allows you to generate memes from your description and a large database of templates. Memes allow you to create much more engaging content on your social networks, to use in your Linkedin posts or in a welcome email for example.

supermeme how it works

If you are lacking inspiration, you can just give a theme and choose a template, and then adjust the caption.

The tool is paid – starting at $9.99/month – but you can get a free trial of 20 memes. There are few credible alternatives, except perhaps, which works the same way but offers very few templates.

Try Supermeme for free

Take advantage of the free trial of Supermeme to create your memes with AI!

#7 Fireflies

To transcribe audio to text

fireflies landing page

At Salesdorado, we’re a big fan of Fireflies – that’s why we’ve already listed it among the best inbound marketing tools. Fireflies allows you to record your meetings live but above all to transcribe them.

The free plan allows you to transcribe 800 minutes per month; paid plans start at $10/month.

Among the alternatives, we also like tl;dv, one of the best Chrome extensions in our opinion: this tool is cheaper and has developed a speaker and video recognition function. But Fireflies integrates with Salesforce, and offers an unparalleled AI search feature.

Try Fireflies for free

Transcribe 800 minutes per month of audio to text for free!

#8 Sustainable

To generate a website or a landing page

sustainable landing page

Thanks to AI, Durable allows you to generate your website or landing pages from your texts, images and contact forms. Then you can easily customize it with editing tools, different pages and a custom domain.

For example, here is a landing page created for the Salesdorado website if we were a digital marketing company. By scrolling down, you have a contact section, services, testimonials, etc. – a rather complete site where you can modify each part.

creation of sustainable sites

Among the credible alternatives, we find V.One, a no-code tool that also offers to generate your application.

For Notion fans, you can try Typedream or Popsy, other no-code tools that offer interfaces based on Notion. But critics point out that these tools do not have a learning curve like Durable.

We don’t know if it will replace landing page creation tools, but it’s worth testing for free, and then improving it with our tips for collecting more leads.

Try Durable for free

Durable is a paid tool but offers a free one month trial to see how to generate your website with AI.

#9 Fliki

To generate audio with text

fliki landing page

Fliki is a tool that uses AI to transform your text into audio and then make videos out of it: from your text, Fliki provides you with fairly realistic voices and a large library of images, clips and background music to create your video.

The free plan only allows you to generate 5 minutes of audio – paid plans that give access to video creation start at $21/month.

There are different alternatives such as Azure Text to Speech, the Microsoft tool, or Google Cloud Text to Speech: they are much less developed but offer very advantageous free trials that may be suitable at first for personal use.

Try Fliki for free

You can generate 5 minutes of free audio per month from your text with Fireflies.

#10 Papercup

Automatic subtitling of a video (multilingual)

papercup homepage

For companies, Papercup is an ultra-pushed tool: it not only offers automatic subtitling of a video, but AI allows it to adapt to the audience you have chosen (e.g. media, e-learning, etc.). So, you have adapted subtitles, in all languages, and you even have a dubbing tool.

At Salesdorado, we really like this dubbing tool that offers you voices very similar to the speaker’s to offer a natural dubbing in 2 minutes with AI.

For the moment, there are few credible alternatives to Papercup, apart from the free and fairly well-developed tools such as Google or Microsoft Translate, but these are rather intended for personal use, to subtitle a video found on Youtube for example.

Try Papercup for free

Take advantage of a Papercup demo, the most credible tool for companies that want to subtitle their videos.

#11 Generated photos

A huge database of images of faces or humans generated by artificial intelligence

generated landing page photos

Generated photos is a huge database of images of faces or full-face humans, 100% generated by artificial intelligence. Basically, you enter keywords (man, old, brown) and the tool offers you royalty-free images.

generated photos browser

You can download a set of images for free (like the ones above) or customize an image & download it.

The free plan is more than enough if you don’t want to generate your own photos and you don’t use the images for commercial purposes. Otherwise, paid plans start at $19.99/month, with a 3-day free trial.

Try Generated photos for free

You can download free human photos and portraits!

#12 Synthesia

To generate videos

synthesia homepage

Synthesia is another solution to generate videos from plain text. It’s quite developed: not only is the tool multilingual, but it also allows you to choose AI-created avatars, which are like twins of real actors.

These avatars coupled with synthesized voices allow you to save time and money but above all to obtain quality videos.

There are many alternatives to generate voices from your texts – like the ones listed in this article -, but Synthesia is the only solution to go so far in proposing AI-generated avatars: in short, there is no need for a studio or a shooting.

Try Synthesia for free

Synthesia is an ultra-pushed tool to generate videos from your text.

#13 Sound Raw

To generate royalty-free soundtracks

soundraw homepage

With Sound Raw, you choose a theme, a genre and the length you want and the AI generates royalty-free soundtracks for you. You can then customize them to match your video for example.

soundraw ai

The great thing about Sound Raw is that it is completely free for personal use.

There are several alternatives: Boomy, rather designed to help you produce your music and then allow you to sell it to platforms like Tiktok or Spotify, or Jukebox, the Open AI tool that also allows you to generate the lyrics. You can also try MusicLM, the new Google tool that generates music from your text descriptions.

Try Sound Raw for free

Discover how to generate free soundtracks with AI!

#14 Khroma

The generator of color combinations according to your tastes

khroma landing page

Khroma is a very simple to use and yet very smart tool: you start by selecting 50 colors, by choice, and by taste, and the tool generates an infinite list of combinations of two colors or palettes that you can choose.

The idea is that the AI helps you build up color palettes according to your tastes. And the advantage is that Khroma is completely free.

khroma colors

What’s great about Khroma is that there are already color palette generators like Colormind, for design projects, or Huemint, more for content creation projects that need a graphic charter.

But Khroma is the only tool to use AI to understand your color choices and thus propose the palette closest to your tastes.

Try Khroma for free

Khroma offers free color combinations based on your tastes.

#15 Do not pay

AI to the rescue of your legal disputes.

donotpay homepage

Do not pay is an AI-based chatbot that helps you with legal disputes, such as disputing a fine or bank charges, getting a refund for a hotel stay, etc. Its CEO Joshua Browder explains here how it works:

The goal is to make legal information accessible to everyone, by providing you with sample emails or by telling you how to dispute a fee. This comes at a cost, however, and the app starts at $36 for three months.

Try Do not pay for free

Do not pay helps you in your legal disputes with AI!

#16 Flow CV

To easily generate attractive resumes.

flowcv homepage

FlowCV is a little-known tool that generates resumes and cover letters using AI. It offers attractive designs, with many templates and helps you organize your ideas and information in a coherent and readable way.

FlowCV 2.0 is the new feature: thanks to AI, the software proofreads your resume to ensure that all key elements are included. This way, the tool gives you real feedback on the content – for free!

As for alternatives, there are many editing software for your CVs, but few of them use AI. Of the alternatives, the only serious one is Rezi, a tool that checks that your resume ticks all the boxes of the recruitment software (ATS), making sure that all the keywords are on your resume.

Try Flow CV for free

You can generate CVs for free with Flow CV!

The future of generative AI in my opinion


Source : Dharmesh Shah

It goes fast, very fast. Everything happens in the very short term, and the bubble will deflate dry. This means that real use cases will gradually be found – that’s what we tried to do in this article, rather than surfing on the buzz of ChatGPT.

This craze has been theorized by many researchers, including the Gartner hype cycle. The idea is that for each technology, there is a media hype that leads to exaggerated expectations and therefore to strong disillusionment.

gartner hype cyle

Source: Gartner

But it is also this hype that allows the development of second generation products and thus a solid and progressive market. That is why this article concludes that this disillusionment is not in vain.

GPT 4, announced for “soon”, will most likely allow many additional use cases. In particular, the model promises to be multi-modal: Today, GPT-3 takes text and generates text. GPT-4 will be able to take other sources than text (images, videos, sounds, …) and to generate other things than text.

I highly recommend this episode of the Masters of Scale podcast by Reid Hoffman (founder of Linkedin, author of Blitzscaling and an early investor in OpenAI) where he interviews Sam Altman, the founder of YCmbinator but especially of OpenAI. Although recorded in 2017, in it they discuss the future of OpenAI and scale-up possibilities.

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We haven’t mentioned them here, but many of the software programs in your daily work life have also adopted AI in their operation: