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Comparison Of Landing Page Creation Tools

Published , Updated 11 mn
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It’s no longer a given: to generate a good conversion rate and therefore a maximum number of leads, an effective landing page is essential.

In this article, we take a look at the 10 best landing page editors on the market.

Of course, some publishers will be better for you in terms of quality, tools offered and also price. Your choice will depend on your needs, the time you have to spend on it and your budget.

Here are the criteria we have selected:

  • Ease of use: The ease of use of the builder and its flexibility are important elements in order not to be dependent on the technical skills of a designer and to set up your campaign quickly.
  • Depth of integration : When creating your landing page, you will want it to look like you and have the possibility to customize it as you wish. Not everyone has a basic understanding of graphic design, so certain features such as the choice of templates and their customisation are essential when choosing a builder, as are certain functions such as A/B testing, or integration with third-party tools such asemailing and/or CRM, in order to choose a builder that integrates well with your current tools.
  • Prices: The price of the different publishers is a very important criterion in order to fit your budget and your needs perfectly.

Summary table of the best landing page editing software

Good for
Monetise quickly
Your paid marketing campaigns
Testing the fashionable challenger
Note SalesDorado
Easy to handle
Very easy to access
Not very customisable
In English
Drag & Drop
Many templates & options
In English
Drag & Drop
Very rich templates
Very accessible
A/B Test
Marketing automation
Statistics of the entire conversion tunnel
Payment system
A/B Test
Adwords plugin
CRM integrations
Marketing automation integrations
adwords plugin
Payment system
CRM integrations
Rich & optimised templates
Marketing automation integrations
  • Basic: 97$ / month
  • Pro: 297$ / month
  • Free trial: 14 days
  • Essential: 79$ / month
  • Premium: $159 / month
  • Free trial: 30 days
  • Standard: 25$ / month
  • Pro: 48$ / month
  • Free trial: 14 days

#1 Unbounce

Unbonce is the leader in landing pages for professional marketers. The landing page editor is accessible to both advanced and novice entrepreneurs who can easily create a landing page.

The use of this landing page creation software is facilitated by its “drag and drop” system. The tool offers numerous landing page templates that you can customise. You can also start from scratch with blank pages.

Unbonce is without doubt one of the most complete editors on the market since it integrates a wide range of features as well as advanced customisation. The landing page editor is probably one of the richest in terms of functionality:

  • A Google Adwords plugin
  • An A/B Testing module that automatically selects the best performing version
  • Real-time analysis of your performance
  • Dynamic text replacement and the possibility to add your own HTML-CSS

Unbounce rates

But the richness of functionality comes at a cost: Unbonce is in a rather high price range compared to its competitors.

  • A 14-day trial period is offered,
  • Then there are 4 monthly subscription packages starting at $72 per month for a yearly commitment with the Launch package.
  • Then there is the Optimize package at $108/month
  • For companies with rapid growth, the Accelerate plan at $180/month will be adequate.
  • Finally, the Scale package at $270/month will cover the most important needs.

The notable difference between subscriptions is justified by the variation in the number of landing pages and pop-ups that can be created. Despite a rather high entry cost, Unbonce offers excellent value for money.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Unbounce

  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • Over 125 AI-powered templates.
  • Dynamic text replacement for SEM campaigns.
  • AMP-ready mobile pages
  • Redirects and integrations only available on Premium plans.
  • Higher learning curve than other tools in the list.
  • Expensive – especially if you need high-level functionality.

Test Unbounce

#2 LeadPages

LeadPages also offers a clear and intuitive landing page editor, which allows you to create pages without any prior technical knowledge. The strength of the tool lies in its 160 templates.

The editor also offers the possibility to quickly and easily add each element: titles, images, forms etc… Overall, it is a very complete landing page editor.

Salesdorado’s advice
Leadpages offers some paid templates, tested on a large scale, and supposed to guarantee a better conversion rate. When you are just starting out and don’t have much traffic yet, this is often a good option. At least, a very good source of inspiration. Also consider browsing our selection oflanding page examples to create optimised pages. Leadpages offers a very intuitive interface and saves you a lot of time with its many conversion-optimised templates.

The landing page editor integrates with most CRMs, CMSs, and most payment solutions. The tool also allows you to set up pop-ups and custom forms.

A powerful and valuable feature: a Facebook and Instagram ad campaign editor.

Leadpages rates

Leadpages is one of the most affordable landing page publishers on the market. Unlike Unbounce, Leadpages does not limit traffic. Only the features determine the price you pay.

  • Subscriptions start at $25 per month for basic features, and a free domain name if you commit to a year.
  • For integrations with payment systems, you will need to upgrade to the “Pro” plan from $48 per month. The pro plan allows you to
  • The “Advanced” plan at $199 per month allows you to integrate LeadPages with your CRM(Hubspot, Marketo, and Salesforce)

Advantages & Disadvantages of LeadPages

  • Drag and drop functionality.
  • 156 templates.
  • Mobile-friendly pages.
  • Includes extras to increase conversion rate: alert bars and pop-ups.
  • Integrated on-page payments.
  • Built-in Facebook ad creator.
  • A/B testing, email triggers and some integrations are only available with higher level plans.
  • Lack of security and customisation.
  • Fair customer service on several packages.

Test LeadPages

#3 Instapage

Instapage makes it easy to create landing pages. This tool is very useful if you work alone, in an agency or in a larger structure.

Instapage offers more than 200 customizable templates that serve a variety of purposes – from lead generation to webinar registrations to application downloads.

Each template is easily customisable and, thanks to the Instablock feature, it is easy to visually modify a landing page without having to type a single line of code. Simply drag a block to the desired location and modify it as desired.

Another key advantage of Instapage? They offer a variety of solutions designed for Google Ads, Facebook Ads or retargeting. You can quickly link landing pages to these solutions and create custom landing pages based on the advertising campaigns you run.

Instapage rates

  • Paid packages start at $149/month with the Optimizingplan.
  • For an upgrade, ask for a quote.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Instapage

  • Over 200 customisable templates for a variety of use cases,
  • Drag and drop functionality,
  • Launching the AMP homepages directly in the platform
  • Pixel-perfect design
  • Easy integration with other platforms.
  • Website personalisation and AMP are only available from the paid “Optimizing” package.
  • The packages are quite expensive.

Test Instapage

#4 Elementor

33% of the Internet runs on WordPress. Elementor knows this and has created an offering targeted at this market alone. Over 2 million people trust their optimised landing page creator to launch pixel perfect pages without having to type a single line of code.

Elementor prices

  • Using Elementor can be completely free.
  • The first paying plan is the Personal package at $49/year for one site.
  • For 3 websites, opt for the Plus package at $99/year.
  • Finally, for larger needs, the $199/year Expert package allows you to use Elementor on 1,000 sites.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Elementor

  • The only landing page builder on the list built exclusively for WordPress sites,
  • Drag and drop builder,
  • Includes an open source project for developers, which opens up a range of innovative tools for landing pages,
  • Prices are based on the number of sites on which the software is installed – not on functionality.
  • The popup generator, widgets, dynamic content and theme generator are only available with paid plans.
  • Dependent on third parties for many additions.

Testing Elementor

#5 Wix

Wix, one of the most popular website builders in the world, needs no introduction.

Their landing page tool is designed for limited use cases (“coming soon” pages, “Under Construction”, lead capture form) compared to other software on this list that is designed for marketers.

It is true that the landing page generator is not a key product of Wix. Indeed, their site makes it appear as a natural use case for their website creation software rather than a feature in its own right.

Wix prices

  • The use of Wix is completely free.
  • Other Wix features are available for personal use from €10.50/month with the Basic package,
  • The €15/month Unlimited package is ideal for the self-employed,
  • Finally, the VIP package at €29/month is ideal for larger needs.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wix

  • More than 30 templates available,
  • Can build many different types of sites – from portfolios to e-commerce sites,
  • Easy to use.
  • The main function of Wix is not to create landing pages,
  • Limited storage and bandwidth on some plans
  • Fewer options than the other software on this list.

Test Wix

#6 Wishpond

When you start using Whishpond, the tool offers two options:

  • Do It Yourself,
  • Made for you.

The latter option offers a fully outsourced model with a team of designers, writers, project managers and marketers at your disposal.

Wishpond’s landing page generator makes it quick and easy to launch a variety of landing pages. They are mobile-friendly, launch in minutes, and allow you to integrate custom form fields to collect key information about your visitors.

Wishpond rates

  • Tariff plans are only available on request.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Wishpond

  • More than 100 landing pages for mobiles,
  • Includes other marketing tools such as popups, contests and e-mail marketing,
  • A/B test in one click,
  • Integrates with over 300 other services.
  • It is not just a landing page creator. Hubspot could therefore give priority to updating other products.
  • Limited to 1,000 leads for the lowest package.
  • A/B testing and custom JavaScript are not available on all plans.

Test Wishpond

#7 Kickoff Labs

Unlike Wix, KickoffLabs is designed for marketers who go beyond simple landing pages and who are into viral marketing.

Indeed, this tool makes it easy to create contests, lotteries, product launches etc. where visitors can earn points for their actions.

A very special tool that will only be suitable for a few very specific use cases.

Kickoff Labs prices

  • Rates start at $19/month with the Hobbypackage,
  • Then, for small campaigns, there is the Premium package at $49/month,
  • The Business package at $99/month,
  • Finally, for larger needs, there is the Enterprise package at $199/month.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Kickoff Labs

  • 45 customisable templates
  • Designed specifically for viral competitions
  • Includes widgets that other landing page tools exclude.
  • Very specific use case,
  • Limit of 2000 visitors/month for the Hobby package,
  • A/B testing, multiple campaigns, custom domains and integrations are only available on higher packages.

Test Kickoff Labs

#8 Landing I

Landing I is a tool that allows you to create successful landing pages quickly and easily.

It offers “unlimited landing pages, unlimited custom domains, unlimited visitors, unlimited leads and unlimited users” on all accounts.

More than 4000 companies, including Paypal, Sony Music and Callpage, use the Landing I tool to power their landing pages.

Landing I rates

  • For small businesses, opt for the Create package at $55/month.
  • For marketing professionals, the $79/month Automate package is ideal.
  • Finally, for agencies or large companies, there is the Agency package at $149/month.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Landing I

  • Over 200 landing page templates,
  • Drag and drop functionality,
  • Can be integrated into your Facebook page,
  • Mobile-friendly,
  • Many other integrations available.
  • Pop-ups, Zapier integration and A/B testing are not available on all plans.

Tester Landing I

#9 ClickFunnels

More than just landing pages, ClickFunnels allows you to create complete sales funnels. It is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who want to set up a complete sales funnel quickly:

  • Landing page (obviously)
  • Automatic emails sent in sequence
  • A payment portal.

The ClickFunnels editor is very easy to use, even for novices. With its large selection of pre-designed and already conversion-optimised templates, ClickFunnels has become a leader for beginners who want to sell something online.

The major advantage of ClickFunnels is undoubtedly the creation of sales funnels. Once your landing page has been created, it is possible and easy to set up an online payment system, a marketing automation system, and to include upsell offers.

The tool also offers the possibility to track and analyse the performance of your conversion tunnels.

ClickFunnels is very complete because it is possible to capture leads/email addresses and increase your mailing lists, sell products or services, collect information on the participants of your webinars, manage the registrations to your member area.

ClickFunnels can be adapted to most use cases, but the tool is not very customisable for the most advanced users.

ClickFunnels rates

Clickfunnels offers two packages at $97 and $297 per month after a free 14-day trial:

  • The first solution at $97/month gives access to the main tools for creating a conversion tunnel. But this solution does not allow the use of marketing automation and affiliate tools.
  • The other solution at $297/month gives access to all the tools & an unlimited number of conversion tunnels.

Advantages & Disadvantages of ClickFunnels

  • Offers a ready-made solution for beginners.
  • Easy to use.
  • Designed for 3 main purposes: generate leads, generate sales and organise an online event.
  • Includes many predefined funnel types.
  • A/B testing included on the platform.
  • Less customisation than other landing page tools.
  • Looks like a ClickFunnels landing page, regardless of where the landing page is installed
  • Less functionality than enterprise software

Testing ClickFunnels

#10 Hubspot

HubSpot is the most renowned tool in the B2B SaaS world. The landing page builder is available with a multitude of other tools (forms, email, CTA, live chat and blog) as part of their Marketing Hub offering.

It’s an all-in-one solution that helps you launch well-designed pages in no time.

One of the main advantages of HubSpot’s landing page builder is the ability to link it to their CRM and take full advantage of Hubspot’s full range of tools (including customisation).

If you already use HubSpot or are considering using their services as a CRM oremail marketing solution, the landing page builder is the icing on the cake.

Hubspot rates

  • The use of Hubspot can be started for free.
  • The Starter package starts from €41/month,
  • Then there is the Pro package at €740/month,
  • Finally, for major needs, Hubspot offers the Enterprise package at €2944/month.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Hubspot

  • 13 free templates (plus hundreds more available on the Hubspot Marketplace),
  • Optimised for mobile phones,
  • Possibility to A/B test each element of the page,
  • Easy customisation (name, location, industry) using CRM data,
  • Integrates directly with other Hubspot tools.
  • Can quickly become very expensive,
  • Lack of AMP mobile pages.

Test Hubspot

Sendinblue: the up & coming challenger

Sendinblue now offers an efficient and intuitive landing page creation tool. The main strength of this landing page editor is its interface and its support in French. The editor provides numerous templates that can be easily customised.

You can start directly with one of the many models offered or choose to start from scratch. The ease of use, the possibility of doing A/B testing and also the presence of the French interface are a real plus for this editor.

Many features such as emailing, Facebook Ads and Marketing Automation are present in the same tool. This saves you from having to set up an integration with your marketing automation tool: everything is in one place.

Sendinblue’s prices

  • Unfortunately, landing pages are not available in Sendinblue’s free offer.
  • You will need to upgrade to the premium version to gain access to the landing page editor, and the right to publish up to 5 landing pages.
  • The premium version will also give you access to unlimited marketing automation, chat, CRM module, Facebook Ads & Display Ads modules and will allow you to send up to 120,000 emails / month.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Sendinblue

  • A very intuitive and easy to use interface.
  • A French tool with French customer support.
  • Possibility to A/B test the versions of your landing pages.
  • You cannot create a landing page with the free version.

Test Sendinblue

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