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Here we have gathered all the essential resources to help you build a solid business strategy and move your operations to the next level of efficiency. Most of our articles are very action-oriented, but some address more fundamental issues to better plan your strategy for the next decade.


A good CRM strategy is essential to beat the odds in your sales operations. Optimise customer interactions, improve contact management, re-activate forgotten leads, and increase the productivity of your sales teams.

Business processes

You can only measure what is systematic. Your business processes are therefore fundamental to being able to evaluate your performance. Don't leave anything to chance by building good processes, which will allow you to repeat what works and stop what doesn't.

Commercial qualification

The qualification of your leads & opportunities is closely linked to the efficiency of your sales teams. The challenge here is to identify the characteristics that structure your conversion rates and ROI, and to obtain the information as early as possible in the discovery phase to better prioritise and maximise your performance at constant capacity.

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