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Pipedrive VS Monday

Published , Updated 10 mn
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In this article, we’re talking about two big names in CRM tools: Monday and Pipedrive. You’ll love what they offer!

These two options are good for different things. Monday is super flexible and easy. It’s perfect for big projects where you need to work together a lot. But, it’s not the best for B2B data, managing leads, or making reports.

Pipedrive is awesome for small and medium businesses. It’s one of the top CRMs for handling sales, finding new leads, and simple account management and ABM(Account Based Marketing). It’s super easy to use and great for sales. Pipedrive really helps with sales operations.

Monday VS Pipedrive at a glance: Comparative summary table



Ideal for Small B2B service teams who want a CRM focused on project management (agencies, consultants, freelancers, …) Sales & marketing teams with advanced needs in customer account management, upsell, retention, etc.
Philosophy Versatile CRM Deal-centric CRM
Our opinion A hyper-complete CRM suite that adapts well to the needs of VSEs & SMEs The undisputed leader in CRM software, more powerful and more flexible, but more expensive & more complicated
Strong points
  • An easy-to-use, customizable tool
  • A highly flexible user experience
  • Intuitive lead management features
  • Among the best sales pipelines
  • Superb management of business tasks and reminders
  • Extremely powerful for managing large volumes of leads
Weak points
  • Lack of integration
  • Customer service is too light and not available in French
  • Less effective than Pipedrive for animating a sales floor
  • Among the best sales pipelines
  • Add-on marketing functionalities are too lightweight to satisfy organizations that depend on inbound marketing
  • Reporting is very accessible and easy to use, but a little rigid
Free trial Free plan with a single connected mailbox – the number of users is technically unlimited 14-day free trial
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Monday: our analysis in brief

Monday is an easy-to-use solution that can be customized to suit your needs. This tool offers basic functionality, but is also perfectly suited to those who need advanced project management features, such as event organization, budget management and Gantt charts. All plans offerautomation and reporting features.

Monday offers unrivalled customization. It’s a comprehensive tool that lets you design workflows, offers numerous integrations and automates a huge number of tasks. Some features, such as time tracking, are only available in the Professional Plan.

Pipedrive: our analysis in brief

Pipedrive is one of the best CRMs on the market. It’s the deal-centric tool par excellence, with a strong sales focus and excellent management of sales tasks.

Pipedrive enables you to manage large sales volumes and offers excellent integrations. It’s the perfect solution for small teams looking for a low-cost, easy-to-use solution. The interface is highly intuitive, with a sophisticated Kanban view that lets you track all your sales processes at once.

The interface lets you add all types of actions (calls, emails, appointments, tasks) in record time compared with other solutions.

pipedrive homepage

Try a free trial to compare solutions

The best way to find out is often to try the software. As intuitive & intelligent as they all are, you and your teams will necessarily have an intuitive preference. Once this is established, you can estimate the cost of this preference to make the right decision.

Pipedrive VS Monday: What their customers say

Last update: 31-10-2023


4.6 ( 640 reviews ) 4.2 ( 1693 reviews )
4.7 ( 380 reviews ) 4.55 ( 2893 reviews )
4.35 ( 127 reviews ) 4 ( 439 reviews )

Pipedrive: what customers think

    • Overall, users find Pipedrive very easy to use and appreciate the interface that allows them to follow the progress of each sales tunnel at a glance. They are also happy to be able to easily track their deals with their prospects and to be able to personalize their sales pipeline.
    • Many users also appreciate the reports, which they find effective and easy to read.
    • Some users have difficulty integrating Pipedrive with third-party tools, without going through Zapier.
    • Others lament the lack of marketing automation.

Monday: what customers think

    • Overall, users find Monday to be very powerful when it comes to automation and integration. They appreciate its ease of use and collaborative features, which make project teamwork a breeze.
    • Others also appreciate its customization features, and its ease of use, for novices and salespeople alike.
    • Some users have difficulty handling the interface, getting an overview of tasks and customizing certain functions.

Pipedrive VS Monday: Functional scope

Sales pipeline and task management


Pipedrive offers an excellent, highly visual interface, built around deals that move from opportunity to success (or failure). The interface lets you see all your sales tunnels at once, without drowning in customer data, and identify the most successful ones. This is an invaluable feature for fine-tuning your sales strategy.

Pipedrive offers standard pipelines to get started but you can also create your own custom pipeline.

Its highly visual interface makes it easy to quickly identify the part of the sales tunnel to work on first. So you can monitor the statistics or progress of your sales process and adapt it if necessary.

The SalesdoradoPipedrive giftallows you to integrate a lead generation form, appointment booking and chat into your website, using the Lead Booster extension (€32.50 per month). This extension also provides access to a database with 400 million profiles worldwide and is perfect for companies that prospect a lot. If you’d like to generate even more leads, Pipedrive offers, for €41/month, to track the companies that visit your site anonymously, thanks to its Web Visitor extension.


Monday Sales CRM includes basic functions (also included in Pipedrive), such as :

  • Prospect management: you have an overview of all your contacts. You can qualify, track and send emails to prospects directly from the dashboard.
  • Contact management: you can get a complete overview of the interactions you’ve had with a contact, all in one place.
  • Opportunity management: get an overview of your pipeline in a single dashboard, and customize it to suit your needs.

Monday will suit you better than Pipedrive if you’re looking for a more general CRM that’s highly customizable to your needs. It’s also a practical solution if you’re already using one of their products, such as project management software.

Contact management


Pipedrive offers several features to help users organize their contacts, such as identifying who should be contacted first using the “Contact Timeline” screen.

The customer and company files are clear and allow you to integrate a contact form, appointment booking and a chat to your website with the Lead Booster extension (32,50 € per month). This extension also gives access to a database with 400 million profiles worldwide, ideal for companies that prospect a lot.

Pipedrive’s Smart Contact Data function can also automatically gather information on prospects from online sources such as LinkedIn. This is a very useful time-saving feature when dealing with SME requests.

Pipedrive offers advanced features, including a CPQ tool, thanks to integration with third-party applications such as GleanQuote and Mobileforce. These integrations enable you to generate precise, complex quotations based on Pipedrive’s existing product catalogs.


Monday offers lead management automation features that use trigger formulas to automate tasks such as setting up reminders, switching between cases and sending reminder e-mails. These automation features can be customized.

Monday also features a lead evaluation function, allowing users to categorize and prioritize leads. You can customize your prospect rating criteria to suit your business.



This tool offers complete lead lifecycle management. You can create customizable dashboards with data visualizations that let you track progress at a glance.

Reporting & forecasting

Pipedrive offers accessible, easy-to-use reporting, available from the Essential plan at €21.90/month. You simply click on each statistical card to access all the data it contains. The dashboard shows you data on the number of opportunities launched, won or lost, depending on the product. You also have access to a more in-depth analysis of the pipeline conversion.

Monday’s reporting function is equally powerful. You can consult basic reports such as the performance of each sales rep, the average value of business won, sales forecasts and an overview of your sales pipeline. The drawback is the lack of customizable reports.

In short, Pipedrive’s reporting features are more robust and allow you to customize your reports.

Workflow automation


Pipedrive records all the conversations you have with your customers and analyzes them to improve the performance of your processes. Pipedrive offers a wide range of automations. For example, you can customize your workflow templates or create personalized triggers to initiate campaigns with the Campaigns add-on. At €13.90/company/month, this add-on lets you send personalized email campaigns, use easy-to-customize templates and switch a deal to another stage in the sales process.

The tool also features a sales assistant that provides real-time advice to sales teams on managing their daily tasks and workflows.

For those with larger needs, you can easily connect Pipedrive to a marketing automation tool.


Automation is one of Monday’s strong points, allowing you to create customized workflows directly from your tables. Monday also offers predefined automation templates for daily workflows, such as assigning tasks, updating status or sending reminders.

Monday also lets you automate the follow-up of your prospects and automatically send notifications to your team based on an event.

Try a free trial to compare solutions

The best way to find out is often to try the software. As intuitive & intelligent as they all are, you and your teams will necessarily have an intuitive preference. Once this is established, you can estimate the cost of this preference to make the right decision.

Pipedrive VS Monday: Integrations & philosophy

Pipedrive offers numerous integrations, notably with most newsletter and lead generation tools, as well as with Zapier. Its open API is very easy to use, very comprehensive, and makes it very easy to organize information.

My advice

Pipedrive lets you create up to 40 webhooks per user. From this webhook, Pipedrive automatically sends notification of data changes to the relevant tools as soon as they occur. For example, you can program an automatic email to be sent when a customer fails to make a payment. You can find the Webhook guide here, so don’t hesitate!

Monday is an all-inclusive product that develops everything in-house, including its integrations. This makes it highly structured, but also much less flexible than Pipedrive. For example, you can only buy integrations that correspond to the selected plan type.

Monday offers integrations with classic project management tools (Outlook, Google Suite, commercial CRM), as well as with Zapier and its alternatives. You can find the full list of integrations here.

In short, Monday and Pipedrive are pretty evenly matched. It all depends on whether you’re looking for CRM-centric integrations or integrations focused on your more global processes.

Try a free trial to compare solutions

The best way to find out is often to try the software. As intuitive & intelligent as they all are, you and your teams will necessarily have an intuitive preference. Once this is established, you can estimate the cost of this preference to make the right decision.

Pipedrive VS Monday: Pricing



Admission fees 30/month (3 users minimum) 21.90/month
Rate for 2 users (light use) 30/month 43.8/month
Rate for 5 users (relatively advanced use) 85/month 299.5/month
Rate for 40 users 11,250€ / year 35,962/year


Pipedrive offers very good value for money for sales teams with a strong sales focus and little or no marketing team.

The tool doesn’t offer a free plan, but does offer very competitive rates and a 14-day free trial. The first plan, at €21.90/month/user, gives access to all features except automation, numerous integrations, sales analyses and an unlimited number of contacts. The most expensive plan, at €119.90/month/per user, gives access to all features, offers more advanced integration features and phone support. You can also add add-ons, charged per company, like the Lead Booster, at 39€/month.


Pricing works by user group (3, 5, 10 or more) and means you may have to pay for more users than you actually need.

Monday offers a free plan that lets two people collaborate for free, but with limited functionality and information volume.

  • The Basic plan, at €30/month for 3 users, gives you an unlimited number of team tables and classic collaboration features. But this plan does not provide access to the Gantt and calendar views, which are essential for project management.
  • The Standard plan, at €42 per month, offers 250 automation actions and 250 integration actions per month. This number can be limiting to cover the needs of certain users.
  • The Standard Pro plan, at €72 per month for 3 users, gives access to time tracking and all the most advanced project management views.

Monday offers a 14-day free trial.

In short, Monday is best suited to needs that are straightforward but require a great deal of collaboration (i.e. large teams). If you have complex needs, but smaller teams, I’d recommend Pipedrive.

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