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How do you generate hundreds of quality B2B leads every month? Firstly, it is obvious that you need to create traffic that makes sense for the business you have set up on your site. Then, the most effective way is to develop a complete marketing package, combining different marketing techniques to turn your traffic into leads. This requires knowledge and application of good lead generation practices, as well as a solid working methodology.

The realisation of this marketing device requires several phases:

  • identifying your typical customer base
  • understanding your value proposition to your target audience in the shortest possible time
  • the strategic deployment of different marketing techniques

Here is a comprehensive guide to these techniques for anyone who wants to get started in B2B lead generation. It only takes a few hours to get a solid foundation in this area.

1. The constitution of prospecting files

The first element is to be perfectly clear about the profiles you wish to target in order to compile a prospecting file. Once you have done your sourcing, it is absolutely essential to work on this file: trying to exploit a raw file is usually time-consuming and counter-productive. To make this file usable, it must be cleaned up and completed beforehand in order to activate a certain number of marketing levers on your targets.

2. Traditional B2B lead generation techniques

The most important thing in the field of lead generation is to make all marketing tools consistent towards a common goal (sales contact, sales, etc.) with well thought-out messages. Having consistency from the landing page to the collection of an email is essential. It is a question of understanding how to optimise the journey of an unidentified visitor until he or she becomes a lead on your site.


3. Modern B2B lead generation techniques

Lead generation techniques are constantly evolving and new collection methods are appearing regularly. Although not exhaustive, this list at least has the merit of identifying the techniques that have already proved their worth.

4. Qualification of B2B leads

Implementing techniques to generate “raw” leads is not enough. In order to generate leads that are of high quality and usable by your sales people, you need to start a continuous qualification process to work on and prioritise them. Learning how to maintain contact with your prospects, quickly identifying the “hot” ones and not abandoning those who have not yet taken action is key.

5. Steering B2B lead generation: from reporting to CPL monitoring

It is absolutely essential to measure the impact that lead generation has on your business, but above all to carefully monitor the evolution of performance over time. Monitoring the performance of your lead generation will then allow you to optimise your various marketing tools over time.

6. Essential tools for B2B lead generation

Finally, in this category you will find a range of tools that we feel have the best potential for a user new to B2B lead generation. What they all have in common is their ease of installation and use.

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