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Top 10 alternatives to Zoho

Published , Updated 9 mn
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Zoho is among the best CRM software on the market.

This tool offers many features, is easy to use and provides a good view of the sales pipeline. Most importantly, Zoho CRM is part of a complete ecosystem, Zoho, and offers third-party integrations available through the Zoho Marketplace with the most widely used business applications.

It is therefore the ideal CRM for small and medium-sized B2B companies with limited tools. Functionally, Zoho is very complete, especially in terms of its sales automation capabilities and the creation of sales processes.

But other solutions are credible alternatives to Zoho, especially for those who have not adopted the Zoho suite.

Why and when to choose an alternative to Zoho?

Zoho is an all-in-one software that is both powerful for classic CRM and project management. But other alternatives are possible:

  • CRM for sales pipeline & forecasting: this type of CRM is adapted to those who need to manage large volumes of sales, a point on which Zoho is a little light.
  • All-in-one sales & marketing CRM platforms: these tools have advanced marketing automation features and are good alternatives to Zoho, which is a bit limited in terms of marketing and sales.
  • The Works OS – CRM all-in-one: this type of CRM allows you to benefit from the project management and productivity optimization possible with Zoho, without having the more advanced sales features.

#1 Hubspot

The most complete CRM

Hubspot is a good alternative to Zoho because it is a very powerful CRM platform that can handle large volumes of data and offers very good marketing automation features.

This tool also offers numerous integrations, and an excellent overview of the sales pipeline.

Hubspot offers a free plan. For the commercial CRM, count 20€/month for 2 users. To take advantage of the “Starter CRM Suite” which includes all Hubspot tools (marketing automation, commercial CRM, help desk, CMS, and operations), count on 50€/month for the Starter version. Beware, it is reserved for Hubspot customers, so you must take advantage of it quickly! If you want to have advanced marketing features not available in Zoho CRM, it’s worth it.

On the other hand, for an equivalent level of functionality both in terms of quantity and quality, you can try Zoho One which offers good marketing features, including automation, from 45€/month/employee.

Try Hubspot for free

Hubspot is one of the best CRM software on the market, thanks to its versatility, depth, and numerous integrations. You can try the tool with their free plan or request a demo on the site.

#2 Scoro

The all-in-one CRM that competes with Zoho

Scoro is a commercial CRM, project management and invoicing software that offers the same functionality as Zoho and is very well suited to the needs of small businesses that want to find an equivalent tool.

Like Zoho, Scoro is an all-in-one tool that allows you to manage the sales process from A to Z and the customer relationship of small structures. Above all, Scoro offers powerful reporting features that allow you to track performance in real time.

For the price of 22€/month/user, 33€/month/user to have access to more collaboration and invoicing features and more integrations. Scoro is very similar to Zoho One, the plan that allows, from 45€/month/employee, access to all Zoho applications, including CRM, and that covers all Zoho’s areas of action, from sales to marketing, including productivity, finance and business processes.

Try Scoro for free

Scoro is the CRM that comes closest to Zoho. You can test its features for 14 days, don’t hesitate!

#3 Monday

The free and collaborative Work OS for those who sell projects

Monday is an all-in-one project management software that offers a CRM suite. It is a very intuitive tool, which allows you to organize your project management, sell and follow the progress of your projects in one place. The business pipeline management interface is well done and allows its users to add or modify all their data on a single table.

Monday is a good alternative to Zoho because it offers similar project management capabilities, but with more advanced collaboration and automation features. Monday also makes it very easy to share information with customers.

Monday is the ideal solution for those who are looking for a flexible and complete project management CRM that is easier to use and allows you to have collaborative tools to follow the progress of your clients at the same time.

The first paid plan is 10€/user/month, the Standard plan costs 14€/user/month. The solution requires you to have at least 3 users, but it’s very coherent for small teams and cheaper than Zoho, which offers, for similar features, a 20€/user/month plan.

Try Monday for free

You can take advantage of a free 14-day trial to discover the features of Monday, the complete and easy-to-use all-in-one software, don’t hesitate!

#4 Google Workspace + Copper CRM

The Workspace for those who use the G-Suite

Copper CRM is the work OS natively integrated with Google Suite that allows you to manage your projects, organize your work in a collaborative way on the Google ecosystem and manage your business and sales processes in one place.

Among its strengths, Copper integrates easily with the best CRMs on the market, with numerous third-party integrations, and provides the all-in-one aspect of Zoho. It’s also an easy tool to adopt, especially for those familiar with Zoho’s office tools.

It is a very qualitative tool that we particularly recommend to start-ups, even if its price remains quite high compared to the solutions of this top.

Count $29/user/month for a solid alternative to Zoho, $69/user/month to benefit from automation features and integrations. For similar features to those offered in the $69/user/month plan, you can try Zoho One, at $45/month/employee.

Try Google Workspace + Copper CRM for free

You can take advantage of a free 14-day trial to discover the features of Copper, the software built with Google Material Design, don’t hesitate!

#5 Freshworks

The 360° CRM with an excellent user experience


Freshworks is also a good alternative to Zoho since this tool offers its users the possibility to go further in marketing automation, customer service management, telephone sales management, etc.

In terms of pricing, Freshworks offers a free version of the Growth plan for up to 3 users, for basic CRM functionality. Beyond 3 users, count 18€/user/month. For more advanced features (multiple sales pipelines, temporal workflows, AI…), count 47€/user/month. Freshworks offers more features than Zoho for almost the same price (50€/user/month).

Try Freshworks for free

Freshworks, the all-in-one sales and marketing platform that offers a full-featured CRM, is offering to try its features for 21 days, so don’t hesitate!

#6 Pipedrive

The most efficient deal-centric CRM

pipedrive homepage

Pipedrive is a very deal-centric, light but powerful business platform. It’s a more robust solution than Zoho, especially for handling large volumes of sales. Like Zoho, Pipedrive also offers very good Google Suite and Microsoft integrations.

What makes Pipedrive a good alternative to Zoho is that the solution has decided to focus on the acceptability by the sales teams, with an excellent user experience thanks to its very clear interface, perfectly designed to follow the sales processes.

Be sure to keep in mind that Pipedrive is a tool designed for sales, and does not offer multiple uses like some of the solutions in this top.

Pipedrive does not offer a free plan, but a 14-day free trial is available for all its plans. The first paid plan is 19.90€/user/month. To take advantage of more complex features and boost your performance, the Professional plan, at 59.90€/user/month, is an interesting option. Pipedrive’s prices are therefore quite equivalent to those offered by Zoho CRM. For a cheaper alternative, Zoho Bigin can be interesting.

Try Pipedrive for free

Pipedrive is the leading deal-centric CRM par excellence, easy to use and ultra complete. You can try it for 14 days to get an idea of the features of the tool, enjoy it!

#7 Agile CRM

A complete and affordable but technically demanding CRM

Agile CRM is an all-in-one, very robust sales and marketing CRM that ranks among the lowest in the market.

This tool offers a very rich free plan, up to 10 users and 1,000 contacts, which allows you to benefit from sales and marketing features almost equivalent to the Professional plan offered by Zoho, at €35 per user per month. In addition to this functional depth, there are numerous integrations with key market tools. It is therefore a very complete tool, both in lead scoring, sales automation, and sales gamification, which is ideal for small structures.

For all these reasons, it is a very good alternative to Zoho. But it is a solution that remains complex to understand and is not very suitable for those who are just starting out. This is a problem made worse by the fact that customer service is not very responsive.

Beyond the free plan, Agile CRM offers a Starter plan for $14.99/month and a Regular plan for $49.99/month. This plan offers almost the same features as the Starter plan, with a larger number of contacts.

Try Agile CRM for free

You can take advantage of the free plan for 10 users, don’t hesitate!

#8 Microsoft Dynamics

The CRM for those who manage their projects from Microsoft

Microsoft Dynamics is Microsoft’s Work OS, focused on sales, very interesting because it integrates natively with the tools most often used by companies.

It is a very good alternative to Zoho, especially for users in the Microsoft ecosystem, and even more so for those who focus on business processes and contact management.

For users already engaged in the Microsoft ecosystem, the tool will integrate very well into their existing processes. On the other hand, the interface remains rather difficult to access, so those who are not customers of the solution may have a hard time getting used to the tool.

It is therefore a rich and complete tool, which we recommend to those who already use Microsoft, because the investment / profitability ratio is not necessarily worth the decision to opt for this CRM solution.

On the price level, Microsoft Dynamics offers different plans, targeting sales and marketing professionals. On the Sales side, count 54.80€/user/per month for the Professional plan (social network analysis, sales automation, reports). On the marketing side, count $1,265 per month for campaign management, lead management, marketing and statistical analysis features. Please note that you will have to pay for a minimum of five users to register for the CRM.

Try Microsoft Dynamics for free

Microsoft Dynamics offers a 30-day trial period, so don’t hesitate to discover this CRM for sales and marketing professionals

#9 ActiveCampaign

CRM for those who want to go further in marketing automation

Active home page

ActiveCampaign is a commercial and marketing CRM, very focused on automation, which offers a very effective CRM module.

The tool is mainly aimed at small organizations and those who have fairly simple business processes, and who do not have very important customer personalization needs. This does not prevent it from having taken care of the contact management and reporting functionalities, which is efficient and quite deep.

For these reasons, ActiveCampaign belongs in this top. But the tool is designed for rather advanced users as the interface may seem a bit opaque to those who are just starting out. And above all, even if the CRM module is effective, the needs must remain relatively simple. It is a solution for light commercial organizations that offer very high value-added services to a limited number of customers.

Count $49/month to take advantage of the plan which offers CRM functionalities, the lead scoring module and up to 25 users. 129/month for even more advanced features and up to 50 users.

Try ActiveCampaign for free

Try ActiveCampaign for free for 14 days, the sales and marketing automation CRM

#10 Bigin

CRM to focus on the essentials

Bigin is Zoho’s ultra-lightweight commercial CRM. This tool meets the needs of small businesses that want to manage their sales pipeline without having a bunch of unnecessary options.

Bigin offers a fully mobile application, integrates seamlessly with other tools in your work environment, and offers an intuitive interface. The functions are perfectly suited to the needs of small and medium-sized companies that do not have a large sales flow, but need a sales management and forecasting tool.

For 9€/month/user, you can have access to the essential functionalities of a commercial CRM: interaction with your prospects, pipeline management, marketing automation, data management. A free version is available and allows to manage a pipeline and 3 workflows, which is enough for many VSEs. This makes Bigin an excellent value for money alternative to Zoho for many small businesses with limited budgets.

Try Bigin for free

Discover Bigin, the ultra-lightweight CRM from Zoho, for free for 15 days